Do Not Misunderstand

You are not allowed here. You are not allowed to be part of this community any more. This is the consequence of your behavior.
Since you guys don't seem to understand the way law works I'll explain it. I have the right to request that my data be deleted. You do not have the right to retaliate as a result of me using my right to be forgotten. What you're doing is illegal, and I absolutely won't hesitate to take legal action, as well as post content on the internet about my negative experience with you, Carlos Sanchez. Let's see if employers like that. My guess is they won't. So, let me tell you how we're going to go forward. You are going to unblock my IP, and allow me to post here again. Otherwise, I will do everything in my power to take you guys down, including legal action and descriptions of my negative experience.
We are not retaliating for you exercising your legal rights. Your banishment from this community is for your continued disruptive and immature behavior, threats against the website, its staff, and users, and for being an annoying person. A full description will follow.
It's just like employers firing you for reporting harassment. You absolutely CANNOT retaliate as a result of someone invoking their right.
I do not represent SmileBASIC Source. The opinions expressed here and the information presented is my own. This is a not comprehensive overview of your history. There may or may not be inaccuracies--however, the existence of a few inaccuracies does not change the overall pattern of your behavior. ** Part 1: Impersonation - Exhibit A: [[][chicken divulges the existence of an impersonator on miiverse]] - Exhibit B: [[]][(Archive) Alerted to strange behavior, SmileBASIC Miiverse users don't take as kindly to @connorbyr's posts]]. Shown is an announcement that "HaloDs" would be created on Petit Computer, rather than SmileBASIC. Note @connorbyr's insistence on Petit Computer's superiority. - Exhibit C [[][(Archive) After Miiverse admins fail to do anything, @connorbyr gives in to user pressure and changes his profile back]]. It is played off as a joke... even though an innocent user was banned for the behavior, and @connorbyr's reporting of critical posts resulted in deletions. Tried to continue integrating with the SmileBASIC community. ** Part 2: PetNet - Exhibit D [[][(Archive) @connorbyr (hereforth "PetNet") begins working on a wireless transfer program, PetNet]]. - Exhibit E [[][(Archive) Refuses to apologize or have any regret for past wrongdoing. This will be a common theme]]. - Exhibit F [[][(Archive) An early screenshot of a "simple version of PetNet"]]. Note "Insert data of your website here" and what appears to be strings of color triplets. This was advertised as a way to connect to the internet from SmileBASIC. As Miiverse nears the end of its life, PetNet urges people to move to SmileBASIC Source. (So was everyone else, of course.) ** Part 2: Early SmileBASIC Source - posts an adfly link in chat. Not a great start. - 10-24-2017: after poorly wording a claim about how many languages programmers are supposed to learn, fights with phil and snail about programming and computer knowledge. \\ "Bann me, see if I care" \\ "And if you won't please stop wasting space in the chat BOY" - posts an adfly link via youtube redirect, claiming "this video is funny" - later tries to cause trouble with "So I can't post ANY links?" - "Can I be the owner of SBsource?" - "I'm VERY responsible" - spamming advertisements for PetNet - Announces an attempt at an NES emulator. The code is just GOTO and DATA. - after receiving an explanation that posts are generally not deleted, for posterity and due to the value of contributions of others BESIDES the original poster, deletes and vandalizes several threads. - Complains about administration and continues to suggest that they should be an admin or have other special privileges - realizes that the design for PetNet is infeasible. - suggests bans for other users at slights, but has no qualms with calling other people all sorts of harsh things. - 12-31-2017: Name is changed to "Shelly" ** Part 3: Shelly Saga - Begins working on a "raycaster" - Teases chicken about impersonation ("I should change my name to PChicken" // "only noobs get banned") - threatens to run a cyberattack against the site after someone calls him an "idiot" - Insults phil for dying his hair... followed by incredible profanity. "Make me admin, I'll ban him for raping my eyes with such a ridiculous hair color" - Becomes increasingly rude to various users in passing, "bitchass motherfucker" and "I hope he gets an STD and dies" - Macho posing - Begins to establish a "very old" identity - After being completely clueless and told such: "I'm kind of done with amihart's attitude. Yes, I understand that I might not be understanding what she is trying to say, but she is getting attitude" - Makes a lot of comments about how people are ruining the site. - "Then give me your account password, so I can act like chicken again." - "You actually do offend me. Athiests can rot in hell." - Posts anonymously on kland, then agrees with his own post in the third person in chat - failure to properly quote a particular Terry Davis phrase results in him calling others "easily offended" - threatens to sue the website if his account isn't deleted - "This site is dead. Bann me, and see if I care. You think you're so good with your fucking dead site, when you really shouldn't be doing anything to get people to leave, since last time I checked the number of active users was a bit low. The site was just another thing for randomous to put on his resume, which is why the rumored second site was never, and will never be, made. He said he was waiting to see what happened with SB and Fuze BASIC,when really that was just a lame excuse. SB is branching out a ton and randomous has just avoided going on the site in order to avoid questions about the new site that he said he would do." - threatens to sue the website if his account and all data attached to it isn't deleted - After account is deleted, hides out on kland reading chatlogs and getting upset every time anyone mentions him (yes, that is, specifically looking for reasons to get upset) - also makes various bait posts - creates several alts, threatening again to sue. - after account is deleted properly, creates another alt. - for accompanying kland attack, see Part X below. ** Part 4: Age Posturing Note that SBS will never require users to divulge their age, and age is mostly irrelevant when all else is considered (like, just being annoying). However, users that go out of their way to lie about their age or use narrow age-based insults (many young socially inept users have harassed others for supposedly being /one year younger/ than themselves(!)) tend to be hiding an inadequacy in ability and believe that projecting a greater age will lend them respect. (It's worth noting here that the head admin doesn't respect arbitrary authority... so this never works out where it matters) - See [[]] ** Part X: kland history - Shelly's posts on kland (unaffiliated with SmileBASIC Source) mainly consisted of reactions to chatlogs, upset at people for speaking ill of him. Posts that have not been removed include: - (26938) - (19027, 19058, 19077) (tried to cover it up after being called out) - (26893, 26894, 26927, 26936, 26937, 26942, 26944) Notable others that were present: - several dozen threads consisting merely of a few thousand or so digits of Pi, as spam in retaliation for being banned. - the "Celebrate / Shelly is gone" thread was made by none other. Probably as bait. ** Part the Conclusion - is a socially inept and toxic person - is similar generally to other users that have threatened the website such as andrewthamaster, proprogrammer, etc. - all are terminated and their threatening behavior not tolerated - the desire to leave will be enforced - do not misunderstand. you are not allowed to return. you are not able to apologize. you do not get another chance. you do not get to be a part of this community.
Okay, hide behind that. I bet that won't get you very far in a courtroom, since I have emails that essentially prove that you are retaliating as a result of me wanting my data deleted.
No. You are not allowed here because you have threatened the website. Because you have attacked and spammed and evaded bans. Because you have been rude to other people. Your insistence on making legal threats is part of this. Your request to have data deleted, while an annoying tactic, is not reason for your termination. It was simply decided that if you want to be gone so bad You Should Leave
But that's not why. I have emails directly disputing that claim, and I will be sure to cite them as evidence in my complaint. They say in part "I want to warn you: deleting all of your content WILL damage our database. If I see you back on our website in even the slightest manner, you will be banned. I am not one to be bullied just because you can't control what you say and want to "start over", so I better never see nor hear from you again if you decide that you want me to "properly" delete your data. Your choice. Am I deleting your data and then never seeing you again?"
That's not all, but I think you get the point.
Sorry, but I'm not the one that responded to your email. As such, it doesn't hold that my reasons for acting against your attempts to exist here are the same. Once you learn to consider that people other than yourself matter too, and that the universe doesn't exist to cater to you, you might have better luck fitting in.
So, which will it be? Will you take the chance of a hefty fine, or will you unban my IP address? Oh yeah, the first option also entails me posting my experience with Carlos on the internet.
Well, that sounds like a pretty good deal. But I think I may have a better one. How about, you go suck a lemon, and learn how to interact with people on the internet before making demands of them.
You should give a link of this to Carl. He has until tomorrow morning to respond, before I take action.
So you expect me to let you run around the site, despite that you have been and continue to be a horrible person? This has nothing to do with the law. You're saying that even though you're disgusting and don't know how to behave in an internet community, you should get what YOU want because you say so... does that sound right? That doesn't sound right to me. This is about you, not us, needing to change.
It absolutely has to do with the law. I have strong evidence to suggest that I was banned from this site primarily due to me wanting my data to be deleted. As odd as it sounds, it is perfectly legal to ask for your data to be deleted from a site and then go on that site. It is illegal to at all retaliate at somebody as a result of them invoking their right, in this case my "right to be forgotten".
It is legal to continue to use a site after enacting right to be forgotten. But in this case, we granted your request to be forgotten at the same time as terminating your access because no one should have to deal with an immature brat like you. Coincidentally, threatening to attack a computer network is also illegal. Funny, since I recall you doing that...
Wow! That's a wild coincidence! Bullshit! You know as well as I do that you didn't just coincidentally do it at the same time. You did it because I asked for my data to be deleted, which is supported by the emails. Next excuse please?
Why do I need excuses for *your* behavior again? You are not allowed to use this website. You do not get to come back, no matter how many times you threaten me. It doesn't change that you're a terrible human being and I have banned people for less before.
Okay, I guess that's your decision. I will file a complaint first thing tomorrow, and post my experience with Carlos Sanchez on the internet for all to see.
i mean you're still not going to be allowed in it's just more reason to not want you here
Okay. That's fine. You acted this way the first time too, and then you got vetoed by Carlos for potential legal issues. This is actually BETTER, since I have even more evidence to show your illegal activity.
I'm only more confused now. I don't think a single thing you said there is true.
You acted said you weren't going to delete my data. After emailing Carlos I was quickly able to get that resolved. Carlos threatening me by not letting me on the site if I wanted my data deleted is illegal.
Yeah, I told you that it was disruptive and selfish, which it is, and that I can't do it for you anyway, which is true. I don't care what "Carlos," whose name you keep using like you know them, did: you're completely missing the point. Consider this: Why would I have a list of disruptive things you've done unless I already intended to ban you for that behavior? Find another place to exist. You are not allowed here.
hello. questions for you: was your data deleted? do you have any right that can be upheld in court to access the site?
This will be my last post, since I'm really just repeating myself at this point. You can say you banned me for disruptive behavior until you go blue in the face, but that's ultimately just an excuse to try to cover up your behavior. Emails from Randomous DIRECTLY STATED that I was being banned as a result of my request for my data to be deleted. So any attempt to say that you banned me for my behavior is nonsense, and honestly just a waste of time at this point. Let's move on to the issue. The issue is that Randomous isn't allowed to bann someone from a site for requesting that their data be deleted. He just isn't. It's exactly like employers firing employees for reporting harassment; they could claim the person was a bad working, but ultimately it will be found that that was just an excuse. Also, yes, my data was deleted.
we can ban you for whatever reason we want we don't even need a reason, actually who is allowed to access this website is completely at our discretion. sounds like the only one doing something wrong is you. Happy holidays.
goodbye. thanks for answering my questions have a merry christmas
>>27837 it's happy holidays god isn't real
Not completely at your discretion. The reason Randomous stated actually is one of the few that you can't ban for. The emails are golden in terms of evidence, since they're of him admitting to banning me for wanting my data to be deleted.
spooky evidence lol Are you going to apologize for your behavior though? That would be some good evidence for you being worth oxygen.
you're still ignoring the fact that the one keeping you out of the site is not randomous and does not have the same motivations
Yes, I actually would like to apologize for my behavior.
well, you haven't. that's pretty notable. and I already told you that it doesn't matter.
But I really mean it
so did every other person that we've dealt with like you second chances mean nothing when someone is still the same person. ...but it always turns into sixth chances anyway, doesn't it? Bye forever.
That wasn't me. I'm using Tor, so you can check their IP to confirm it wasn't me.
I believe it.