Delayed Distress (40 days late)

what do I even say. I don't like to say whiny shit on kland but these powerful emotions are really putting me in a bad mood. The correct way to start this is "I messed up" but that's not true. I'm a bad person. You're a bad person. Humans are too damn fickle, huh. I'm sad because I don't have enough friends that I can just turn to someone else. Someone that knew me for six years... someone that actually knew me. And of the few people that could claim that, probably the one with the most valuable connection. how do i replace that I want to. I wish it were that easy. Of course, I don't know exactly where it went wrong. Only you know that. I don't trust you anymore. Even if I were to find you again, I would probably hate you. In practice this would be a very fast switching between warm and cold states until the stress of that breaks everything again. what the fuck do I do. does anyone want to be friends
and then I don't know how but 1draw brings this for christmas I wish I could disappear /ww/