[L]Reason: It's TIME to stop [L]Reason: holy karp shut up [L]Reason: I'm not ready to allow Shawn back yet. [u]Reason: Back by popular demand [L]Reason: PM spam, spam spam, generally being rude and unhelpful towards other users. [L]Reason: aaaand we're done here [L]Reason: what part of this was a good idea [L]Reason: did you really think you could escape from me [12]Reason: Your avatar sucks lol [L]Reason: >return from everything hurting >no alts, please >*vomit* [L]Reason: no one wants your undermeme trash [L]Reason: why don't you go sit in the time-out corner for a while [I]Reason: Spamming Divorce Court isn't cool man [L]Reason: Just stop talking for a while. [12]Reason: SmileBASS removed (sorry [L]Reason: phallic imagery [L]Reason: smile [L]Reason: blood! [L]Reason: sorry what is multiplication [L]Reason: light emanates by working light [L]Reason: you aren't my son [L]Reason: haha owned [L]Reason: just go away until I'm distracted enough to not care [L]Reason: [L]Reason: salad yuuka [u]Reason: FREE OUT OMIWA [L]Reason: alright. [L]Reason: roses are red, violets are blue, if you don't do your homework you won't go to NYU [L]Reason: Uk9TRVMgQVJFIFJFRCBWSU9MRVRTIEFSRSBCTFVFIElUJ1MgVElNRSBUTyBSRUdSRVQgVEhFIFRI SU5HUyBZT1UgRE8= [L]Reason: Uk9TRVMgQVJFIFJFRCBWSU9MRVRTIEFSRSBCTFVFIFRPTyBNVUNIIE9GIFRISVMgQkVIQVZJT1Ig Q0FOIE9OTFkgSFVSVCBZT1U= [L]Reason: roses are red, violets are blue, fuck off please, you've got homework to do [S]Reason: elzo how many alts do you need you don't even register them what the hell [P]Reason: That's enough. Put actual content into your posts, please. [S]Reason: be a troll somewhere else [S]Reason: alts will be terminated on site [sic] [L]Reason: treat me gently [L]Reason: I still don't understand how bans work though so [L]Reason: roses are red. violets are blue. leave me alone for an eternity.
You left out all the bad ones
>>10072 It's only supposed to be the good ones.
[L]Reason: \( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)/ [L]Reason: MASTER SPARK [u]Reason: I'm surprised they found enough pieces to put back together too.
h-hey, i've seen some of those...
who is [u]?