les find lum lum
how do UUIDs even work
I want to acknowledge that I got past the first one by myself hmph I still don't know what a uuid is
landing page add a second slash to landing URL to get a slightly different page variation that might be important (Continue is bolded for example)
>>12612 This is cache. The current version of the page is that which has "Continue" bolded.
puzzle 0xE we have located that appears to be relevant the two strings are UUIDs seemingly, but using them in the substring stuff doesn't seem to produce useful output
not sure if the next puzzle going to be at special/puzzle/niceboat/something OR special/puzzle/something
>>12615 only one way to find out
I also advise you to check niceboat again, I have made a minor mistake and have updated the page with a clarification.
thank you, the JS we wrote produced a bunch of nonsense
You're overthinking the GUIDs.
>>12615 "Progress by guessing the name of the next directory. Have fun." so yeah it's probably continuously nested directories
thanks for the help
SOLVEDED: puzzle 0xC (wait what) but where is 0xD
D colon
expounding on 12me's theory about the continuing south: the first puzzle is titled "Once South, Nonce East", which I assume means we went south once and east never. this puzzle is titled "Twice South, Nonce East", which means we are continuing south, which means we found the right answer this leads me to believe there are wrong answers. 0xD might be "Once South, Once East" and a wrong/red herring puzzle. now the title and hex numbers of significance
oh it's gonna be a kland nucket
>>12625 impostor
Somone has uploaded a fake QR code do no ttrust
yeah but now I can't warn you if you're going too far in the wrong direction lol so we found this "forum AHR"?
now I'm concerned with finding 0xD lol
the image is way too small for me to read, who has enhancement tools?
If random can't help you progress on 0xC, I'll provide another hint.
he can't
MMM okay the hint is to use one of the features he's most proud of. Or was. Desu.
we're still confused but I guess give us time idk? lol
rec used some kind of hack cheats and got all the way to so
I can only assume he spoofed some creds and got onto the webserver or something. Take this into account.
I don't know how, but Record cheated. I'd like it if you solved the puzzle properly. I'll delete the treasure, I suppose.
(sorry that he had to spoil it for you)
which "treasure?" I'd like to continue credibly, but we really have no idea where to go (and we know the answers up to 0x3 now anyway)
Well, what would you like me to do? I can move them, sure. But that doesn't prevent him from looking at my server records. By treasure I mean the end piece. It's the "ambiguous german word." I imagine you would be dissatisfied, anyway.
I have removed the puzzle directory from web access while I consider this.
No, I'd have to rewrite at least half of these, and it still wouldn't prevent anyone from fuzzing or anything that he used again. I'm really not happy about this. I spent a lot of time making this. I think... I think I'll just give you the final item. I'll reopen it because I really did put a lot of work into it, but I can't imagine it being even a fragment enjoyable.
>>12649 That said, do not read that file if you even a little wish to go through the (admittedly obnoxious) puzzles.
R3CORD, You're a real piece of shit.
Yeah, I'm a dick. No sarcasm, no shitty remark, I'm a dick. It would have been worse to see me getting torn down after doing a bunch of work, since you had absolutely no good words for me, and I suspect that you didn't change it in any way other than the addition in the beginning. Look, the way I chat isn't cool, I get that. But completely tearing apart the only thing I've been doing for well over 5 years (programming) really bugs me. I know you think I completely hate you Lumage, but surprise, I don't. I didn't forget that you and Phil were the first people to believe me when MEGAMON DoSed the site (which, by the way, I honestly didn't appreciate being used as a bullet against me) and I still appreciate that. I haven't asked for any staff privileges (except as a joke) for months. If I've manipulated anyone, I haven't meant to. Anyone forgiving me for any of the terrible things I've done are morons. I don't want forgiveness, got it? If anyone is wondering how I cheated, I used my server access to do so, once again breaking Random's trust. ANYONE saying it's Random's fault should go fuck themselves. Random, I've been a piece of shit to you. Don't forget that. You're a good person, and I shouldn't have taken advantage. I'm leaving SBS on my own terms, because me being here is obviously a bad thing. So here's my farewells. Lacks: I don't know if you're a dick or if you're an honestly nice guy. It seems to depend on what I do. When you're nice, you're cool. But it appears that when I screw up, you're first on the hate wagon. Thanks for helping me out on OBOY, and I'm happy to have met you. Snail: I respect you a lot. You're a good programmer, much better than me. You've helped me out when I've felt shitty, and I'm not going to forget that. PhilFish: You're a really good person, and I look up to you the most. You introduced me to esoteric languages, so thank you. Trinito21: If I had a best friend on SBS, it'd be you. I helped you out, and you helped me out. Me and you worked together to reverse-engineer SmileBASIC's API, which is the thing I enjoyed doing the most with you. I've been pretty distant lately, and I'm sorry. I hope Loqu gets more popular, it's incredible. 12Me21: I can't say I know much about you, other than that you're a great programmer and you're rather chill. Keep code golfing. Anyone I missed: I tried to write this as fast as I can, and these users were the ones that came to mind at first. RaichuBender, good luck with SmileBoy. Chem, I hope Pat and Lee gets to 1000 comics. TheDarkOfShadows will be killed in a few hours. I'll remove all my shit on OBOY and get off. I don't deserve half the shit I have gotten, except the bad things. And no. I'm not manipulating shit Lumage. These are my honest feelings, and anyone that pities me should pity themselves. Goodbye.
Lacks is a nice person just btw
I opened it but I have mixed feelings about knowing the ending which means I might have wanted to go through it even though you said I shouldn't read it if I did that i like spoilers sometimes
Because the puzzle wasn't solved as intended, the link to 0x0 failed to work correctly. Here's a different one.
[End of season 4]
>>12666 Satan?
Oh zut I never even got past record Apparently an uncut version of the pastebin exists I want it Noon of the first day 60 hours remain
Puzzle completed. Here's the true ending.
#+BEGIN_QUOTE Omiwa asked for some commentary so here it is. 0xF was fairly simple, intentionally. I wanted to introduce the way most of the information would be obtained without making it a matter of copy-paste. The problem was that the original page was super vague about the means of progression. My idea of a "good hint" was the "Start here" link, lol Once I realized that, I made it more obvious (which still left the question of whether it was from the initial directory or not, so I changed it AGAIN to emphasize "continue") 0xE immediately became a lot harder. The third puzzle, too. This one SEEMED simple to me. It asked for a combination of two substrings, and gave a number identified as a "thread" I didn't realize that the powershell substring wouldn't be the same though, lol But you guys got really caught up on the GUIDs for some reason. They're actually keys to something else but you don't need to know about that. After you stopped feeling abandoned you seemed to figure it out okay, though. You skipped over 0xD, which wasn't required for the puzzle but had "kland" hidden in the html. It's accessible from the main page, and the idea is that it's a hint for the main puzzle track. I actually started leaving the numbering comments before I figured out I would make it count down, so... that's why it was a little weird. Anyway, that one could have been a horrible red herring if you didn't read the title elements, and even so likely still if I hadn't decided to provide the "continue south" hint and left it to inference. The naming scheme was borrowed from Deadly Rooms of Death. Like I alluded to, I didn't know how many puzzles I had, so the first few were very quickly my original ideas. 0xC was interesting, because I managed to link something made long before (and ignored) into it. The small image read "Forum AHR" as identified by snail. I had hoped randomouscrap would participate in some way, but in retrospect this one probably was a little vague. typing "AHR" into the SBS search bar would yield as the second result, the title of which would probably have made it interesting enough to conclude as the next step. From there several decodings would lead to the file that that thread had initially pointed to-- Which (by chance) contained a line that could feasibly be presumed to be a key This line in its entirety led to another hint/dead end page stating that just one word is necessary. I won't spoil the following ones, as you had mostly left off here. If you want to experience what I describe next, you should start here: With 0xB I had expended my gr8 ideas This one, unlike your initial strategy with the others, could be solved with an internet search. No gimmicks, just a complete the phrase. Would have been alienating without having figured out the pattern and URL thing first, though. Probably definitely should have occurred earlier.(edited) 0xA you should actually try for yourself. 0x9 is related to 0xA 0x8 is a hint/dead end for 0xA 0xA was when I really realized that Omiwa was probably the only one who cared. The following pages were definitely very particular references. 0x7 is labelled "easy" 0x6 is labelled "easy." more references. 0x5 I'm proud of, but you must have played the previous ones for it to work. 0x4 isn't particularly hard, besides a cheapness aspect where the format of the string would have had to have been guessed correctly. 0x3, wary of someone cheating, I moved off of my folder. It wasn't spoiled past this for that reason. Extremely difficult, I imagine. 0x2 is actually easy enough to figure out, with only one minor formatting trick to guess. 0x1 is the address of those I had known. 0x0 is here. Where you would have been able to talk to me again. #+END_QUOTE
This too You terminated it, right "if I can't have it nobody can" if anyone it better be me