stupid songs

"songs" we've written over the years On the fifth day of the Coinz incident Pixoo gave to me: Five cancelled programs Four banned anons Three game reviews Two bad puns and All my last items in collection game We wish you happy programming We wish you happy programming We wish you happy programming And Wikia to not be shit when you upload it It's beginning to look a lot like spam 'Ev'ry new bot command; Take a look in the five and ten, glistening once again With Sparky's and Gabe's most profound. It's beginning to look a lot like spam 'Sex' in ev'ry post But the prettiest sight to see is the b7ing that will be Handed down by Lummy. So they're finally here, eating sand for you If you know the words, you can be banned too Put your hands together, if you want the key There is no denying that it's hip to fuck bees sigh SB! SnailBasic! He's the leader of the memes, you know him well He's finally back, to fuck some bees His adminship can come in spurts If he trolls ya, it's gonna hurt He's bigger, faster, and a balloon too He's the first member of the SB crew sigh SB! SnailBasic! SB! SnailBasic is here! This Kong's got crippling depression, so listen up dudes She can ban you, to suit her mood She's quick and nimble when she needs to be She can appear from the air and fuck trees If you choose her, you'll get permabanned With a rope and a STOP, she's one abusive hand sigh SB! SnailBasic! He has no style, he has no face This Kong has a crazy face He can update when he needs to And stress himself out, just for you He'll make you smile just like a rock/balloon This crazy Kong just draws this mudkip sigh SB! SnailBasic! SB! SnailBasic is here! He's back again, and isn't funny But this time, he's named Omiwa He can fuck horses with his jetpack on With his pistols out, he's finally gone He'll make you cry when he exists near you But guys beware 'cause he's after you sigh SB! SnailBasic! sigh Finally, he's here for you It's the bad member of the SB crew This kid's so edgy, it isn't funny Can make a Kremling slowly suffer until they commit suicide Can mess up a story with relative ease Makes crushing rocks seem such a breeze He may move slow, he can't make games But this Kong's one hell of a guy
Who's that last one
Maybe ShadowCX1337
no nevermind
e i me u o heck a x and on that farm he had a duck it laid an egg i e i blood
Omi Wa is not my lover
Who said that.
Urrrrrrr It was loo midge