Random Shakes It Up A Bit Randomouscrap x Omiwa fanfiction half-written by AnswerXOX (Violet) Random lounging around on a park bench only to have his day spoiled by the upcoming rainfall nearby, it was nothing more than gloom for him - for someone that was pretty optimistic about everything, he felt pretty depressed and felt as though he was going nowhere with Omiwa. He only could think about her with every moment and it hurt him how he couldn’t bring himself up to terms with her, as he was a nice guy, but didn’t want to make Omiwa feel uncomfortable in any way possible - he wanted to tell her things that he’d tell no one else, but dodge them at every opportunity, he wanted to embrace her and kiss her with every moment but he felt as though he was deprecated and didn’t think Omiwa wanted the same. Suddenly, he found that Chemicalex, a good friend of his, had come to visit him in the park to tell him that he found his car was vandalized by a few people down the street. Randy suddenly got up and looked over at his car and found some angsty teens throwing rocks at his car - making dents in, he ran over to the car, yelling at them “what the hell are you doing to my car?” He took the rocks that the kids threw and threw ‘em right back at them. (you can see, he was already not in a good mood, so this just had to throw him into an even worse mood) “Chem… I think you’re going to need to do me a favor,” he looks over at him expecting him to be at his side, but is still all the way over at the park bench. He turns around even more looking at Chem from afar and begins shouting at him, “Chem… I kinda need a favor!!!”. After little explanation, Chem calls up the local Tow Business, along with Omiwa, as Random was quite far from home. Little did they know, the authors were being drained of ideas and started using dumb filler sentences. Also, the next scene doesn’t take place in a car as a disclaimer. It took about twenty minutes for Omiwa to arrive, but luckily, Random’s car was already in tow. To their surprise, RealTiP was hanging in the backseat (he lived in Omiwa’s car), eating a yandere popsicle prop. “Hey, Random! Little kids picking on you again?” “Shaddup, TiP. Also, they were tall and angsty ‘little kids’.” “Sure, but do you mind if I drive? Omiwa just got up, and she said she’d lend me her car so I could get to work today.” Random used Mean Look on the wild RealTiP, but it was inneffective, due to TiP’s Oblivious ability. TiP shuffled out of the car, with yandere popsicle prop still in mouth, and took to the wheel; Omiwa cheerfully submitted, and moved over to the backseat, with a nervous and sweaty Random. They travelled five feet, but were soon halted by an annoyed third wheel, also known as Chemicalex. Chemicalex was a good friend of Randy, but he’s that one guy.(you know, is all over you and will basically annoy the hell out of you and make it feel awkward when you have a date and makes sex jokes about the two of you when she’s gone. Yeah, that guy) the **** kind of name are you giving me SHHHH it’s called fiction, not real :P. Soon, AnswerXoX wrote a bad fanfiction on the event, and stretched everything. Ironic how he was just writing a good one right beforehand that had emotion poured into it beforehand lol TiP was just there to be there. Honestly, this can die in the trash hole = Then Chem used thunderbolt but they weren't pokemon so they all died the end lol THIS IS TRASSSSHHHHHHHHHH It’s only the truth
also, this is the embodiment of living trash I don't own any of this and I hope it burns in Hell for all I care also, thanks for reading a read not worth reading; I have an actual legit one on the way and this was just fucking around with the keyboard
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Lol,Random is asexual. ...Awkward
"...SHHHH it’s called fiction, not real :P."
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