The unofficial SB game key list

When I first got SmileBASIC I didn't actually have WIFI, so whenever I was at the library, I would write the keys I found online down on paper, (I didn't get internet at the library on my 3DS) even though most of the keys are on SBS or are common, some of them aren't. This is mostly just for my own reference, but anyone who wants to download or test the keys below may do so, some of them might not work, and some of them might be plain bad, but I know that at least a handful are good. *I have tested only a few of these recently; I am not responsible for any keys that don't work; These keys aren't mine, I did not make any of these programs; I don't have permission from the creators of said programs to post the keys for them, so that is why they are here instead.*
(Some of the keys have names, these ARE NOT (for the most part) THE NAMES OF THESE GAMES, they are what was next to the key for them on the piece of paper) RPG battle: D3SN4DDF Nyan cat: 4344R3E3 Escape from hacelot demo: JD3ECKQE Lil' dude: JD8ED34E Lama thing: V3NEW3A4 War of tanks: NREEXXCD Jump high: 4KKNEJ46 3DD: C4CNS3AJ MG Senryu: NK43XXJ3 9jigoshinho: ABE338AE MG draw: NKA33X7D And clystg: V3EQK3ZJ And grush201: QD2EDXCD 2nin ninja2: E224NV4V 3D line paint: 4KKD14L3 7F wfn: XKE34PZ1 And skuno14: QKEKXPAM Hidelike GB 7XV3D4 *Something in Japanese*: P33XC33E Legend of maid: E2C4S344 Volley bally game: QK483EJF I wanna be the free: KXNE4334 Spike game?: 5R33CKNE Games003 (Conveyor): 5K28XJZY Quiz maker: QRXXJEX3 MT fight: 7K2KXXAF SA KA NA: 8K5QK3DJ Partial world: Z58EVW3E Smash bros: S584VW4V Minecraft: YK4NEX4P Don't touch: D323XX3M *Something* Platformer: DX3QW3JJ Petit font editor: ZDVXVEW Jappon: LENEV34J Petit maker: D3ANNXJF Stock pro: C47YH3Z4 Puzzle piece puzzle: 2X337D Sara: 4D34PEZD Agario 3DS: 2SEXK334 Would you rather: RB2E3WNE BB: L3VX43R4 The legend of maid mona: 5KEKVXKX Piero: TS3QH3QJ Platformer no sprites game: EK7EX3KJ Battle demo: S3VXE2AE Words game MG: XDE3VKHE Ninja game MG: J384523V Iraipabo: S5DE9D Forget-key-not: DA3E36D 3D-ish looking game: D3NN83HJ Taka's BGM: 4KXK3PA6 Pop'in catcher MG: W4CN83DJ Racing game: DSEEX3QJ Some game with good graphics: 5KSKV3DS Stage rush: LSC3V34J Jump runner: NKKJK3FD Some kind of jungle game: 5RNEDE4V Space eat run: LS5Y33NJ Pac-dig: 5KENX4JX Traffic light: N34PJ323 Side scroll shooter: QKX33XL3 Jump: B35443A4 Slide puzzle: NK45AXLD Block dude: 4KX3PX7D Game6talk English version: 74NXS3HJ Text adventure demo:D5243E8E Mr.Krabs!: D338VEZP Pokémon game: Y33NEEJ6 3D block looking game: 7EE3F3HJ Petit island: XK2KXPZM Five nights at petit's: XB3XDEKE Petit jang fairytale: CKENNDJF
Pong: KEDVX34J ???: 525VH334 Super Mario bros 3?: BE54S334 JRPG: LAENK3D4 ???: CA53N3DJ Skate-board platformer: V3EVE3DJ ???: VK2N4E41 Car hunt: VXDX433J ???: XD84523V Stage maker DX: WXDES34J Sakana jump: CK3KV3RS Cakko: N33J53Y3 Song: E38EC24E T-viewer: C233234J 47 Party: ED83C2QE ???: QRE4EE3D ???: LE342334 ???: NDKJ338D DX?: C328X4AX MML: 4RAPJEV3 Kimarite mekuri: 43XXJ33D Squid jump clone: 2KNXD3AE Mario clone?: RAP4EWD Square slider: R4PP3YD Minigames collection 2: V2DVA3Q4 Nuincraft: QK2443VD Pon Pon athletics 2: VXDQ433J A kind of majong game: YK43XPRF Slot machine: 4ENX73AE Cow-grandma monster thing MG: 4K2NNPZP Puchiko's holiday: K5837K8V Fuchine sangoh: YKKK4D4M Pop-in batter: CA3Q83L4 Crashie plane: PB8ED3AV Super Mario maker: NS3NK3NJ Wolf hitting ducks: NKSP3E33 Jump kun?: NXEEK34J Hopper 3D: C454A3N4 Frog game: ND3XDEXD Space garage: EENED2AE Galaxen?: QR44PEY3 Petit brawl: 5KE8X4RY P3D: BBW3E88V Menu: TS7Y333J Chaser: V37VF3CJ Maze escape 2: Y33NQ54S Ochipetit: N3KN3DJ1 Petit brush: 428XN8HV Ice floor: TKNVA3Q4 Set and dash: VKS3XEDX Rally 500: VKAKV3ZP Poker solitaire: E3K845JM Handle drive: RAPAE8D Checkers game: R4VV233J 3D Platformer: E583DNKV Kirby's dance: RE3X239J Orbit demo: QKKX5E8D Library 1.0: X233D28V Slime sim: VEEQX34J Games001: CKE8EEAS *Something* Monsters: DENYE3NJ Realistic looking fish kite thing: C3ANVJRF Fire fighting game: D2JJE8D Amazing RPG (3D): RSEN2344 Zombie game: EEN4V3Q4 Majong: DENN43QJ
(I had to post 2 because if I lost any of the stuff I typed down by accident, I would never recover lol) I said only a handful at the top, but now that I'm finished, there's way more games on this list that are really fun to play... The games with "???" were games that had a key, but the name was smudged out; Most of these were download 6-12 months ago...So there's a good chance a lot of them won't even work. Anyways, hopefully someone will find this useful, if you have any questions just ask.
thx a ton
UPDATE pls someone check keys and integrate to Games and Programs List
Mario clone?: RAP4EWD does anyone read 2 4ewd words here
Let me know if anyone finds a game call "CONSOLEKUN", it's one of my favorites but I lost the key to it a long time ago. (It might be on this list somewhere)
bump for visible, will look at eventually
Despite being 4 months late or so, I found the key for consolekun I think. Nvm lol.