Another fanfiction? Son of a...

This is just fan fiction, based on something real-ish lol. Don't take it to heart, it's just a gag. (And not even a good one lol) -made by GGG A long time ago, a user known simply as MasterR3CORD made an account on a little but still awesome website known as smileBASIC source, he made programs, cursed a lot, and was considered "Ok" by most, one day he got tired, he said to himself "I want to be an admin! I've been here longer then most people, I deserve it!" But when he was turned down due to previous...Mental incidents, he got very mad, he attack high advisor lumage, and cursed the mighty king randomouscrap, and for such disrespect to the king, he was banished from the land. (For 4 days)This story is how he created his best friend of all, and how he was betrayed. We flashback to before he was banished, way back, a long time, too far, back up, yes, yes that's it, good flashbacking! Are you a pro? Err, anyway. MasterR3CORD joined the kingdom of SBS as a mere stable boy, he scrubbed the shit left behind from a stray Raichu that had eaten a blender for some reason with the other present, Trinitro21. "Why would he eat a fucking blender?" asked MasterR3CORD, "Maybe it looked tasty? Who knows" said Trinitro21. "Well, it doesn't matter, someday I'll be an admin, yeah, and then I'll show everyone, especially that kiss-ass 12me21!" Trintro21 replied to R3CORD's outburst of sheer passion with some wise words, "R3CORD, the only way to become an admin or high in rank is to be useful, helpful, and a damn cool person" "Or kiss ass like 12me21 does" R3CORD said with a scowl. Before Trinitro21 could reply, Phil fish, called out to them "MooserR3CKER, Trammyo12, king Randomousshit wants to see you!" "Ugh, he never calls us by our real names due to copyright, so annoying" MasterR3CORD said to Trinitro. "Let's see what he wants" Trinitro replied , trying to end that conversation. They entered the castle made of nothing but king Random's deviantart to see what the mighty king himself wanted to see them about. Part 2 coming soon.
Part 2: They enter the castle to hear 12me21 flattering king random AGAIN, "-Why yes king Random, your art is SO GOOD omg it is da best we are da best, we're like, besties! OMG besties eeeeeeeek!" even Trinitro had to cringe, king random said "Yes, yes, now go like my latest post" "But of course my bestie random! Right after I post this meme, SOOO funny" MasterR3CORD was the first to step up "Are we here for something?" kind random stood up "Why yes, you are, I have chosen you both to help me in my quest for new members on my SBS kingdom, go and find me some while I post this here picture of a weedle I drew" They both nodded and said "Yes king random!" And headed off, but before they did, Philfish came and gave them some supplies for their quest "Here you go MapperD1SK, here's you bag of stuff and you're 'How the fuck do I get this badge' badge for not knowing how to get that badge. And for you Treetrunko210, here's your bag and your 'How did I unlock this badge' badge" Trinitro21 was the first to reply, "Awesome, wait, how did I unlock it?" "How should I know?" Phil said clearly annoyed by the question. "Goodbye MustardRAPP3R, Trippingouto420!" Phil said as they walked into the sunset. They went their separate ways, Trinitro21 ended up finding loads of recruits, but MasterR3CORD on the other hand... Part 3 coming soon.
MasterR2CORD went into a very popular saloon called 'Miivere' he thought the place severed terrible beer, and that the people were all idiots, but he was running out of options. He bumped into and old crazy guy who screamed at him "Watch where you're going brat! Don't you know who I am?! I'm the great guzzler! I've guzzled more terrible miiverse posts then you ever will!" MasterR3CORD took a stap back "Old fuck, I hardly bumped you!" the room went silent, so quite, you could hear a 6-year-old's grammar issues from across the saloon, "What did you say boy? I'm 829 years old! Respect your elders! You know what? I challenge you to a shitty miiverse post-off!" The crowd gasped in shock a kid in the corner said "OMG a fhight whatsthe key 4 it plz?" MasterR3CORD wasn't one to step down from a fight, so he yelled "Okay old guy, let's tweet...Or post? Whatever the fuck people from miiverse do." the stepped into the ring as the referee robot HTV04 hit the bell and shouted "Round 1!" *MasterR3CORD posted a picture of a fake undertale game saying "Omg fighting sans, so kool! Lol"* The referee screams "OWCH! That's going to be hard to top, beer guzzler?" Beer guzzler wiped the sweat off his face and started typing with his little stylist quickly. *Beer guzzler posts a picture of minecraft and says "If i git 10 likex ill post key for gam"* the crowd goes insane! Trying to play minecraft through their 3DS screens as if they could! The referee says "Ooo Beer guzzler wins that round. onto round 2!" MasterR3CORD struggles hard, very hard, but then comes up with a winning post. *MasterR3CORD posts a picture of super Mario bros saying "I made Mario bros! Key: D3KK3PKM" (But of course the key doesn't work)* The crowd starts downloading it instantly! "This is a turn of events, beer guzzler is never going to be able to comeback that!" Beer guzzler gives a look of mere pity, and then proceeds to post the winner *Posts a pic of fnafSB "I'm worching on FnafSB! More updetes couming soun!"* The crowd passes out. "The winner is beer guzzler!" The crowd showers guzzler with 'yeahs' and somebody comments to masterR3CORD's face saying "I still licked yor poust mor, ;)" MasterR3CORD walked out defeated, pissed, and blocked everyone in the miiverse saloon. He needed a recruit fast if he wanted to be an admin, so he was running across a bridge when a person jumped out in front of him "Ah! Who the hell are you?" R3CORD screamed. "Why I'm tippy, and I will only let you through, if you give me some REAL TIP'S!" More to come in part 4, in the meantime, please don't post here. =P
"Mwahahaha! You'll never get through this bridge!" tippy said, waving his ink smudge hands in the air like a loon. "Out of my way tippy or I'm going to-" before Record could finish his sentence, the deadly duo spiderlily and miwhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat jumped over tippy's head and landed next to MasterR3CORD "Don't worry little boy" they said, kissing eachother and grabbing their rears as if there was no tomorrow "We'll fight him off, m-maybe" miwa added. "Wait...spiderlily, are you a guy or a girl?" asked MasterREEKORD "I'm a plant motherfucker" spiderlily replied with, "You think you can defeat me? Tippy? HA! I can draw better then the both of you!" "Oh? And what about ME?" Just then, a wild Chemmy appeared in the bushes, clear attracted by the sent of masterrecord's sandwich that magically appeared in his hand because that happens sometimes. "Chemmy, my arch nemesis, we have draw battled many times haven't we?" "Yes, we have indeed...BROTHER!" Everybody was speechless, except miwa since this reminded him of a dream. "Your...brothers? No way" said materrecord. "It is true, me and him are brothers" tip said "Actually that would be "Him and I", please use proper Egale lash tippy" Chem said. "Do you mean proper English you animal?" Tippy replied "IT WAS A TYPO!! GRAAAAAAAAH!!!" They lunged at eachother, draw lewd picture of one another until they were having hand cramps! All miwa, spiderflower, and masterCD could do was watch as the two drew themselves to death, until finally, they both fell to the ground, still clutching their lewd pictures. Tippy was the first to speak by saying "I guess it ended in a DRAW huh?" and then chem followed up by saying "Haha, yeah...Do you want some of this sand? YOU CAN EAT THE SAND you know." miwa looked at his partner "Oh no" "What?" asked masterrecord, who had gotten bored of watching them draw and started watching hentai. "they just cracked a pun and said a meme all within 10 seconds, do you know what this means?" masterrecord looked confused, until he saw spiderlily's face, the look on his/her face was that of pure hatred, masterrecord check his records since he kept record being a master of them and all, and he popped up the spiderlily wikia "Spiderlilys have a low tolerance for puns, meme, and overall stupidity- dear god we're doomed." record said aloud. Before miwa could rub oil on spiderlilys back, spiderlily lunged at chem, killing him on the spot, his last words were "dicks out to harambeeeeeeee...." further angering spiderlily, she/he turned to tippy and he said "Wait! Please don't kill me! I'll do whatever you want!" spiderlily leaned in really close and said "Send me miwa nudes bitch" and crushed his skull. MasterRecord threw up at the sight of it, he wanted to look at it, but at the same time...Not. (He was looking at tippy's lewd drawing, not tippy's crushed skull) "Join me in my quest for SBS recruits miwa, spiderlily." "Fuck no do it yourself" said spiderlily, but miwa said "I'll join you, but it's not because I like you or anything...B-baka!" "What? Aw fine, I'll join too, I was just going to terrorize some 12 year olds on minecraft anyway. and so the team set off in search or more recruits, little did they know that they would soon run into the kingdom of mapletopia, ruled by the corrupt, Canadian, head admin lacks.
no mention of lummy x random - 0/10
I didn't bother to read this and I'm already disturbed.
I'm Canadian too :(
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