Lumage's Emacs cheatsheet

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C-x z | Repeat command hold z to repeat many
Eat sand | enter lumage
Major mode help: C-h m basically so you know what you're doing also if you enable CUA mode you can use normal human being cut/copy/paste shortcuts
>>14080 hecking org mode #+BEGIN_SRC C- | Set Mark #+END_SRC
it's spacebar ok
Org-mode has a minor mode called "Org Indent Mode." This mode is indented for larger documents where the multi-star heading format becomes messy ~*** heading~ would appear as ~ * heading~ Activate it with ~M-x org-indent-mode~ Type out the header level as you normally would. Comes with the bonus of aligning text to the current indentation level. Also converts normal org documents to the new display mode.
oh oh course brackets are still bad #+BEGIN_SRC elisp (defun org-html-toc (depth info) "Build a table of contents. DEPTH is an integer specifying the depth of the table. INFO is a plist used as a communication channel. Return the table of contents as a string, or nil if it is empty." (let ((toc-entries (mapcar (lambda (headline) (cons (org-html--format-toc-headline headline info) (org-export-get-relative-level headline info))) (org-export-collect-headlines info depth))) (outer-tag (if (and (org-html-html5-p info) (plist-get info :html-html5-fancy)) "nav" "div"))) (when toc-entries (concat (format "<%s id=\"table-of-contents\">\n" outer-tag) (format "<h%d>%s</h%d>\n" org-html-toplevel-hlevel (org-html--translate "Table of Contents" info) org-html-toplevel-hlevel) "<input id=\"toggle-table-of-contents\" type=\"checkbox\">" "<label for=\"toggle-table-of-contents\">table of contents</label>" "<div id=\"text-table-of-contents\">" (org-html--toc-text toc-entries) "</div>\n" (format "</%s>\n" outer-tag))))) #+END_SRC