"There is a language (I forget which one) which allows you to label FOR/WHILE/such loops, and CONTINUE takes a label as an argument. That seemed, not only more powerful, but more sensible, to me. Yeah, BREAK too. I wish all languages with such keywords had that feature."
"That's basically it, 12me. Your language should NOT depend on formatting for syntax (AHEM python)" --randomouscrap
"all languages should have ternary expressions" --Phil
"The language is just a tool." --randomouscrap
"I just need a language that can actually easly access files directly" --12Me21
"does any language allow you to define variables with an exact number of bits like DIM X AS _BIT * 4" --12Me21
(On server-side building in Javascript) "I use this language to get AWAY from building shit" --12Me21
"I'm pretty sure ALL languages pass arrays by reference" --randomouscrap
"When vectors become a necessary part of a language, that's when I don't learn the language." --IAmAPersson
"damn we need a law that programming languages must have an exponent operator" --12Me21
"local functions, pattern matching, wildcards, tuples..." --IAmAPersson
"pattern match operator" --snail_
"I hate when NOT is a logical operator because it's really hard to tell what it's actually being applied to at least ! makes it more clear by not requiring a space after it" --12Me21