Nicknames for everyone! (That nobody wanted...)

Nicknames for everyone! Because I felt like giving out free nicknames, that's right, a round of nicknames for all! On the house: Randomouscrap = Randomousshit Lumage = Bumage MasterR3CORD = MustardR3CORDing Trinitro21 = Tri-force-itro 12me21 = 12mesaJarJar21 Picy3 = Dicy picy Geekdude = Greekdude Chemicalex = Chemie!!! Omiwa = Omiwa GoodGameGod = Good Game Guppy RealTiP = ForRealzTiP Sam = Shazam RaichuBender = Raiachoo blender ElzoBro = ElzoroBro Lacks = LacksAlot Lilstubel = Lil'shit Kibble = Kibs Spiderlily = EekAspiderlily Perska = Perskater Autz = Autzball AnswerXOX = AnswerMeKissHugKiss Andritolion = Third wheel HTV04 = HDTV2004 Hiiii = Byeeee Banana = Bananananananananananananananananananananananananananana Snail = Slug Simeon = SimemonSays That's all I can think of for now, this is just a joke and is for laughter purposes only, so please don't take anything personally.
you know jokes are supposed to be funny, right? no one of these are even a little bit clever or topical "Perskater"? Did you just take the first word you though of that matched the end of the word? You didn't even bother to match the vowel sound. I'd expect these from a 6 year old, and still tell them off for it.
Well fuck you then.
>13584 "no one of these are even a little bit clever or topical" Do you mean "none of these"? are you sure that YOU aren't a 6 year old yourself?
*Opens bag of popcorn* This is getting good. (Your nicknames were...Okay at the most, I don't know, they made me grin)
>>13655 I meant "not one," but please, educate me on how a minor typographical error (minor, as I can see you clearly understood the intent") is more indicative of immaturity than a list of (in my opinion) childish and not-so-clever nicknames
Ain't nobody gonna call me that.
test test
>>13659 Look, this was for fun, as a joke, it wasn't serious at all, I was just playing around with names for fun hoping to bring people smiles, okay? If you didn't like it, then why did you read it? Why not just leave me alone, do you get enjoyment out of telling other people that their jokes suck? Well if you do, then in a way, I accomplished what I had made this list for: I made you smile, even if you're smiling because your telling someone that their joke sucks.
>>13666 hello satan
>>13674 ?
what is this shitty joke
I'm so happy my nickname is cute