quick announcement

i'll come back home if any of these 3 conditions are met: 1. snail launches a puzzle hunt 2. OSP contest
Oh did you... Oh did you... die? Oh no
Wait there's only 2!
did you think it was unintentional? knowing this person.
Um well if it wasn't then maybe I could make them come back in the third way That's what having hope is about
it seems you don't understand what the unmentioned third way is.
i had hope that it wasnt just you deciding to on your own
snail hunt might be under way by end of month or earlier
no... stay away...
ignore them^
#+BEGIN_SRC but of course the third is someone else. why would it ever be something better... the conditions above are invalid for him #+END_SRC
Oh I guess I didn't know after all
maybe snail hunt wont because ive been attacked by night marauders
There's an OSP contest, so now you have to come back home. =P
There's one down, fifty-two more to go. (But the OP and I can't count)
guess I'm a creature of the niiight if so