Ignore this

******THIS IS LITERALLY JUST A REMINDER FOR MYSELF, PLEASE IGNORE THIS AND DON'T POST HERE******** (I can't stop you from posting here or reading this, but I'll ask anyway) This is just a bunch of reminders for myself, so there really is nothing here.
GGG, these are the days to check your email, and these links on the corresponding days, this is for the contests you/I entered. July 10th = https://wn.nr/kMy3nc -(Daily) July 15th = https://gleam.io/p4mJx/rageelixir-1m-giveaway-2-x-nintendo-switch-1-x-2017-ipad-giftcards-more -(Daily) July 16th = https://gleam.io/qkt5D/signed-hollow-knight-box-giveaway -(daily) July 27th = https://wn.nr/dyt3hC July 29th = https://gleam.io/gIDmD/nintendo-switch-ipad-mini-40-winner-giveaway July 31st = https://wn.nr/ZStTb5 Don't forget to check email after each one.
responding to tell you PC software, android apps etc exist for this
I have it here so that I can keep a tab open at all times as a reminder, if you knew my PC setup and stuff, you would understand. Ether way, why do you care? It's not hurting anything.
i figured if i told you about scheduling apps and stuff it would benefit you but whatever
why post it here, on a public forum site of all places tho :? can't you just put it in notepad or a google doc or smthng?
>>14404 I feel like this is appropriate use tbh
>>14404 >>14405 Sorry, that is, kland is unfortunately underutilized as an actual forum, so these kinds of notes threads aren't exactly detrimental to the quality of the place as a whole.
>>14406 understandable -- i guess. but i feel as though this isnt really a good place to put these notes due to the publicity and blah blah blah. >>14405 you cant expect it to be ignored, and i think there are more suitable places for these notes than here. ironic how something to be ignored made me type this on a 3ds weeeeeeee
>>14404 I would forget about it if I put it in notepad. >>14407 There might be more suitable places, but I did it here. I don't really care if people post here, it's a useless thread so there's no real reason to...Also I will remind you that of all the things on kland, I think my simple memo isn't something worth talking about.
>>14407 See "Who gave Mario a gun" for reference.