We all know you have one. You almost-semi-disgusting non-normal person.
Eew furries.
my fursona is me but without skin
Gah furries please kill
u lik?
That is just a regular fox...
REAL furries.
>>14475 have they been indoors all their life ffs, they look so damn pale
#14473 refference >n
But it's cute
When do we begin erotic roleplay with our fursonas x3
Right meow.
>licks paw
>removes pants
let me begin rp owo ill use my sonic oc name: pearl species: echidna physical appearance: pink knuckles look, but slimmer powers: magic and muscles desc.: princess of sonic world i hope this ends up in bedroom UwU
pearl: its so pretty outside *suddenly, the urge for succ x3* *smileses intensely*
it already has
"tastes good"
here I finally made one
Damn that's good. It looks like an old Disney character. (Possibly 1990-2000?)