Kland has now been hacked

This forum has been hacked, we have hacked it, we have control over some of the things on kland thanks to our mad hacking skills. Be afraid, very afraid; Here are the things we can now do thanks to our hacks: * Post and comment anywhere on kland. * Post an image anywhere we want. * We have turned off the swear filter, so you can type "Fuck" now. * We have deleted all acounts on kland, you can post without an account now. * Lastly, we hacked it in a way that allows a person to shitpost of hate comment on anything, you can test this out below. If you want kland back, you'll have to beg. -PooDollCorp
what who hacks something to fix it
This isn't a shitpost or anything... B-baka!
nice meme