i require a list of sbs ships or else the site gets deleted maybe
as promised SpiderLily x miwa GeekDude x calc84maniac snail_ x 12Me21 Lumage x pixel_voxel Lacks x randomouscrap Picy3 x ProfessorKukuhead AnswerXOX x Lego_meister niconii x amihart
Reasonable Garbage Garbage Reasonable Maybe Maybe Garbage Not everyone with weeb icons {{f word}}s and I don't think these two have even met
>>14572 GD and C84 go way back. It's more reasonable than you think (but recognize that I /am/ forcing these). would have snailxgabe but didn't want to waste active users lacks and random are pretty friendly... maybe too friendly... lumage is taken but otherwise it'd be r x l hm I thought those last two were similar types of people.
I'm sorry if my judgement was offensive I don't know everything and likely had been seeking to insult it because it lists sparky x lilyiy
want a new identity heck
I think you missed quite a few people...*Cough* me *cough*
I really do.
>>#14069 stop being ggg agreeing with self pls k thx
is #14614 i meant to tag #14609, shit
i do wish you would say the things you want to say before it's too late
HeavyPlastic x KillJoy Yanfen x implied_strength nikoi x Lumage
can someone make a better shipment list?
Trin x snail Quote Snail_ said he had eyes for trin