Post your dragons The part that actually represents me isn't actually visible the dude this is based on is a dumb meme except when it's time to get serious and then he turns into a terrifyingly powerful dragon
it's like me because I'm big and dumb but I'm also fabulous. also ace hence purple wings.
stressed emo dragon that seems to be confused about its gender
>>14680 oh yeah and it's kinda cute because I like cute things
i hope sparky doesnt see this
Space Cadet Dragon
>>14684 why so? Is there a hidden meaning?
>>14695 (really hoping thats how you reply and i dont look like a twat right now, havent used this site before) i-its kind of supposed to be you as a dragon, silly boy (also the point of this thread is to draw your own dragon not just upload random anime girls lol)
he's happy
3 minutes
I'm extremely stupid.
Here's mine, lil' dragon-goat thing. Dragoat?
better because sbs chatdraw