Emacs daemon mode in Powershell as -nw

I'm very new to emacs, and I want to be able to call emacs (x86 on Win10) from Powershell and easily switch back and forth in the terminal the way C-z allows on Linux shells (on Windows/Powershell, emacs simply flashes, this kind of behavior is not possible from the shell). I discovered ~emacs --daemon~ to run emacs a a server in the background expecting that I could get the same result, however, running #+BEGIN_SRC emacs --daemon #+END_SRC in one PS session and #+BEGIN_SRC emacsclient test.txt -t #+END_SRC only opens a separate GUI frame, as does -nw (and -c, for that matter). Not what I wanted. I tried running the daemon with the -nw flag too, just in case, but it didn't help. Am I misunderstanding --daemon? Is there another way?