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This is a game about keys. Please do not read further unless you are interested in making it, or it may not be nearly as enjoyable come the time someone does. Please contact Lumage if interested * Core Mechanics ** Weapons Weapons involve collecting and upgrading various guns. In this game there is no ammunition, though there are cooldowns. Weapons are aimed with the circle pad in the direction of the 8 principal winds. Platforming and shooting work similar to Cave Story. There are only three "guns" which can be collected throughout the game: this is because they are generic and modified by the player through the upgrade system. *** Upgrading Weapons In various locations throughout the game are located "gunsmiths" who, for a fee, will upgrade your weapons. The traits that can be modified include rate of fire, accuracy, power/damage, bullet velocity, and possibly recoil. You can also change the length and color of your bullets, but the effect is only aesthetic. Through this upgrade system the player can bend the weapons to their own playstyle. For example, one might decrease rate of fire and increase damage and accuracy to create a primary high precision rifle and, for the secondary weapon, increasing the rate of fire greatly for a machine gun-type weapon. The cost is exponential, thus basic upgrades are easy to afford, but specializing a weapon is much harder. This also makes the infinity+1 gun much harder to obtain: it's simply easier to have several particular guns than to upgrade one to max out everything. A laser sight can be found in the game that adds a dotted red trace along the current angle. This can only be attached to one weapon at a time, but can be moved and detached freely. A seeking bullets upgrade can also be obtained that causes bullets to turn up to 15(?) degrees in order to hit an enemy. Bullets will travel three tiles before it engages, where if an enemy is within +/-15 degrees of the current trajectory, the course will be adjusted. Each degree turned is subtracted from an internal count: 7 degrees clockwise, the removal of a target, and 8 degrees right expends the ability of that bullet to seek, and after it is expended, it will travel as a normal bullet would. This can be equipped with the same rules as the laser sight. *** Knife (Optional) I'm unsure whether this would be a good addition. Regardless, I provide rules for a knife weapon. The knife is fired in a stabbing motion with a distance of one half tile along the angle as dictated by gun aiming rules. The cooldown is approximately half of one second, and collisions while using the knife apply an opposite force. I have no measure for this, but jumping onto an enemy should bounce the player one eighth of a tile back up. ** Keychain Progression in this game is centered around collecting "keys" There are two types of keys. "Active" keys and "passive" keys, for lack of better words. Passive keys are single-use (in that they are only usable once, not that they disappear after use) and resemble locations and paths that have been unlocked. Active keys can continue to be used on the environment. One, for example, might be used to open and hide in suits of armor. A passive key on the other hand would be used to unlock a door that would remain unlocked for the rest of the game. The "keychain" is displayed on the bottom screen. It could be as simple as a series of boxes in the top right. It might be a good idea to display the selected key on the top screen as well. *** Possible List of Active Keys | name | flavor text | description | |--------------+---------------------------+-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Heart Key | A key to someone's heart! | Use this on almost any NPC to get their devotion and have them follow the player as a helper. | | Wind-Up Key | A key for winding toys. | Used in the toy factory to get friendly NPCs to talk to the player and to slow enemies | | Skeleton Key | Opens all... skeletons! | Destroys skellingtons and probably needed for a skeleton boss ribcage opening to attack skele-organs. | | Soldier Key | Opens suits of armor! | In either castle location there are armors on display, and this key allows them to be hidden inside. | *** Possible List of Passive Keys | name | flavor text | description | |---------------+------------------------------+-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Cabinet Key | The key to your gun cabinet. | Allows player to get their rifle from the basement platforming tutorial at the beginning of the game. | | House Key | The key to your house. | I REALLY LIKE ABUSING THIS KEY THING HUH | | Foreign Key | A strangely designed key. | Allows access to the ninja castle | | Dead Key | The key to the cemetery. | Opens the cemetery gate | | Key to Heaven | The key to Red Heaven | Post-game you can go back to the final area and find a challenging true final. | | Annett's Key | | | I give up; there are too many to list. I like the idea of collecting keys, though. ** Followers The first area, and whenever a Heart Key is used after that, causes a character to follow the player. I'm thinking they have a neat pathfinding AI that allows them to dodge onscreen bullets and enemies. They would rarely ever get hit, but /can/ get hurt and die, I guess. I figure most would just either heal the player or get into melee combat with weaker enemies. There could be other classes like a baker or butcher that deal greater than standard damage, and maids and nurses could lend the healing assist. The idea was that all but some special NPCs would be able to do this. * Storyline AGH FINALLY I CAN TELL THIS PART The game starts with a gunshot and the PC in their house, causing them to jump up and decide to investigate the noise, but not before getting the rifle from downstairs. The player is instructed to pick up the CABINET KEY on the table, which is added to the keychain. The keychain is explained (as being "a place to store keys") and the player is prompted to go downstairs and retrieve their gun. I try to describe the general layout I imagine. These are not tile-accurate. #+BEGIN_SRC $ : player D : door k : key \House\\\\\\\\ O : a furniture \ k \ nTT table \O$ nTT D ~\ ~ : to Cellar \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ \Cellar\\\\\\\\\ \ O\ N : crate \$ N\\\ O : gun cabinet \\ N \\\\ \\\ N NN \\\\ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ #+END_SRC Goes outside and encounters an UNSAVORY CHARACTER holding up a le havoc. Dialogue makes it clear that UNSAVORY CHARACTER is looking for UNSAVORY THINGS #+BEGIN_SRC PP$ JPw PPP (P : people \\\\\\\\\\\\ (w : something goes here, like a fruit cart or caravan or money or something. #+END_SRC Engage boss. The screen clears to leave the PC and boss in an emptied circle. If it feels too empty, NPCs can take the sidelines, perhaps cowering when the UNSAVORY CHARACTER fires. The UNSAVORY CHARACTER jumps around every once in a while and fires in the direction of the player in fairly slow intervals until defeated. Afterwards, it's found that someone was injured (well, before your massive gunfight, anyway). You're asked to bring the DOCTOR from the city over. It's a long way, and goes through a forest. Since the wild animals in the forest are dangerous, you're given a GATE KEY to unlock the gate separating the forest from the town. *Also,* the forest is to the left. I can't explain why, but that's how I see it. I just realized how much I hate residential design in 2D games. Anyway, the doctor is somewhere near the city's edge. It's probably easier if this one doesn't need a gate, but I suppose it could be a generic one with multiple keys. You talk to the DOCTOR and they say they'll follow you. You go back through the forest. The DOCTOR follows Follower rules (see 1.3) and heals the player 1/2 unit every 45 seconds. If you manage to get the DOCTOR killed it's a game over maybe. Thanked for doing a help and given a HEART KEY by the injured or maybe the mayor of crapville for your troubles. /(Note that at this point my imagination of this game skips around. All of the following is very negotiable)/ You're allowed to look around a bit now, with no goal explained. If you go to the right, someone runs up and begs your help. "I saw you take care of that situation earlier, and I hate to bother you, but something is very wrong!" You're informed that a monster has attacked someone near the desert to the east. If you go the other way, the guy looks disappointed. Anyway continuing right is the end of town and a downhill experiencing desertification. One screen into the desert area a short cutscene with a GIANT CRAB holding the unfortunate in the air runs away after spotting the player. Continue through a desert zone with cacti and stuff (I'll make an enemy index eventually) until reaching some ruins, on top of which is the GIANT CRAB. Jump up and engage boss. #+BEGIN_SRC $ W \\\\\\\\ \\\\\\\\\\ #+END_SRC GIANT CRAB has two attack phases: one invincible pirouette cross-stage whirling attack and a bubble shot with a spread angle of about 60 degrees (from 10 below the horizontal). If the player is hiding in either side cavity after an attack, it approaches and sweeps inside with a claw. Defeating GIANT CRAB causes a small hole to open in the ruins. The unfortunately character attempts to thank you but is dismissed with "It would be better if you could protect yourself instead." The player ponders seeking counsel with the KING to urge people to invest in self-defense if they're going to be around human-attacking fauna.
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