impeach randomouscrap

i think slackersnail would make very good badmin
wow really? that's your third alias what are you, a spy?
noway eyem gewd badmin
no randomouscrap is like a big soft doggo I don't want anyone to hurt him stop saying mean things about random!!
that reply actually disgusts me Not because of its meaning but how it's worded
what are you doing back here I thought you were never
Everyone is anonymous, how could you possible know who's who?
I couldn't explain it if I tried.
I would go back and read it often Just that time I decided to complain Aren't the anons somewhat obvious
visibly perturbed
>>10212 realization
What's going on here
That was mi as in miwa btw Who did i look like
it's me don't impeach i am a scare of dead i need power to feel good about myself
"10186 what are you doing back here I thought you were never" I think they thought I was someone else when I complained about not liking the reply I'm wondering who i looked like to them //stupid smash comment about peach (imPEACH)
>>10170 Agree.