How to get your very own cringy website in a few steps.

1. Grab a wild asexual, aromantic programmer 2. Blackmail SmileBoom into releasing a new, incompatible SmileBASIC successor 3. Tell the programmer that their current website thing sucks and that we need a new website 4. Wait 1 year for the new SmileBASIC thing to be released in Japan 5. Note that the new SmileBASIC is out in Japan in chat while the programmer can hear you 6. Wait 1 year for the new website to be written 7. Wait 3 months for the new SmileBASIC thing to be released in North America (but not in Europe) 8. Hunt down a wild Yuuka wannabe, a bitchy 14 year old, a 20-something Canadian man, and about 10 other odd people 9. Wait 2 years You did it! You now have your very own cringy website! Now what can you do? Well, you can start drama by having the bitchy teenager do things like: - Cheat through the Yuuka wannabe's puzzle - Use server access to kick people from the chat, even though he should never have authority - Be a complete ass to a rich 12 year old (just an example, can easily be replaced with any other user) Have fun with your new source of depression!
I hate it when these things are a product of the present and ignore colorful past characters
Yeah where's MEGAMON DoSing the fuck out of the site
Don't forget to add some 12-year-olds in there!
We need furries and weebs too
and robots