Does anyone have any good wingèd Yuuka?
Sleeping Terror is the greatest piece ZUN has ever written. It is truly a masterpiece of musical composition and cannot be bested by any composer or other score, past, present, or future. In the hall of grand musical pieces, Sleeping Terror acknowledges them all, then leaves them in the dust of its tantalizing tones and unrestrained glory.
yuka gets on a bus and goes to space yuka and the really likes apples yuka and the advanced level swimwear portion of the miss gensokyo contest yuka and sparkly things yuka and the this one's just porn yuka and the being a warship yuka and the giantess fetish yuka and the helping kill marisa between her and mima's enormous breasts yuka and the vegetable sisters get drunk yuka and the intending to eat the viewer very small yuuka and the wings thatcame out of her back Yuuka and the 1920x1081 canvas size yuka and the being VERY cuted (pic related) yuka and the slow-loading image yuka and the very pointy quitasol yuka and the lumage is going to sleep
"does not have any hair ornaments or hats"
that's why i believe in you
"Does anyone have any good... Yuuka?" >Haha. No.
everybody wants a thrill