ask snail questions

ask me questions (not using my usual trip for anonymity)
What is your full name, address, credit card number, credit card pin, credit card expiration date, email password, phone number, social security number, (all this information on your relatives too) and SBS password?
Do my insults actually hurt you? I don't feel nice about them, but my will to "win" by making you give in and apologize influences me to continue acting as though I may hate you. I do like you. I have a nice memory of that Super Smash Bros. 3DS double competition you entered with me as well as you unbanning me on the PTC Wikia at some point as I had made you feel bad; that sounds rude, but after you did feel bad, you acted so nicely to me; I remember that nice behavior so well and it leads me to believe that you always can be nice like that or something. I've looked up the word depressed in chat logs relatively recently. At some point, apparently you mentioned having been in such a state, of depression, at a time. I don't want to hurt you. I'd feel horrible if I put you into such a state or if you were in such a state while I acted horrible to you in my attempt to "win" your apology. Are you depressed? I'm sorry. I hate not being accepted; I hate losing people I enjoy, too. You not forgiving me alerts both of those hatreds, even if you shouldn't do so. I react horribly. Won't you ignore me forever or ... accept me? The former prevents you from being hurt; the latter could do us both, but I don't need that: I'm the one being horrible. Regardless of what you do, I apologize for what I do in the future if it be negative to you.
Why the _
Who's your favorite staff member?
How does using a different tripcode provide anonymity.
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hey could someone fix the damn mentioning links
>>15199 Once upon a time, I wanted to change my username. I usually used the apostrophe on the end of my name (as in the mathematical notation of prime) but site rules dictate that all usernames match the regex [A-Z0-9_]{4,20} (or something.) This does not include the apostrophe, the only symbol is the underscore. I tried to convince random to change this but he didn't want to so I went with snail_ and I guess I kinda like it better maybe. >>15200 I wish not to practice favoritism (especially with the staff.) This question is probably just designed to make someone mad. They're all good anyway. >>15203 If I used my usual tripcode it becomes immediately known which "Anonymous" is me, so I used a different one for this thread. It's not hard to figure out which one is me though.
Going for the latter? ...'w'
no u owo
>>15221 oh someone actually fixed it lol thanks
what the heck is a snail question