Who is the (current) chat moderator?

Lacks is head admin, 12me21 is an admin, Chem is the 2nd admin, But who is the (Current) chat moderator?
Do we need one?
Well, it should be someone who's generally on late at night, *Cough* me *Cough* someone who's in chat almost everyday, *Cough* also me *Cough* and someone who's newer then the rest of the admins. Someone like, I don't know...(Me)
>>15207 but Me is an admin :]
privileges work on a tiered system, so all chat moderator+ are perfectly capable of acting as "chat moderators" you don't need more staff for the sake of filling roles
just who are you come back
we don't even need 2 admins as it is
Admins (at least Lacks and I) double as chat mods. We just do both. It's not a different responsibility, just a bigger one