I don't really feel feelings

I don't really feel feelings. I was very concerned I was a sociopath until I saw a therapist and uncovered some deeeeeply walled-off feelings, but I had to stop seeing her when I graduated and I'm regressing. I don't feel things again. Ironically, most of the time I'm fine with that. It makes me a good, steady friend, a good listener (not much of a venter), and a generally calm, chill person. I feel things in my head, if that makes sense - I think "that's sad" - but I don't FEEL them. I'M not sad. It's very clear that it's a defense mechanism now that I've had that pointed out. When it's late and I'm tired, or when I'm drunk, or when someone else exhibits super intense emotion (hard laughter, excitement, tears), I empathize and feel that way too. But when my walls are up on a normal day, I'm pretty numb - I don't mind it, because I don't feel weird about it, because I don't feel. Idk if that makes sense.
Seems nice
At first I thought this was something different, but then I got to the exceptions... I'm pretty sure I'm like this too, though probably to a lesser extent. I never considered being any other way. Overly emotional and "feely" people bother me. I won't trust your "feelings" about something because your feelings are disagreeable. And that bothers other people, too. I look cold and callous. I guess I am. I'm not cruel, though. And that's how people interpret it, I think. Not that I mind looking like that, either. The problem with not feeling, (and there's only really one, I see) is that it's hard to feel the weight of your own words. It's very easy to rub people the wrong way, and this is outside of just "your reasoning is blinded," but you can easily say something very silly and hurtful yourself (maybe you're really upset, maybe you're not) and not realize it because you're not used to that emotion. So you criticize people for not being you or throw out an insult because you can't handle it when you really do feel something. I think that's how it gets. If it weren't for that complication I'd consider this to be superior.
I don't really feel things either, but I differ in that I'd LIKE to. Being emotional is fun :^) Also if you're just "Mr. Logic" it's very easy to fall into the trap of "I'm always right" because it's easy to get lofty when you can "think so clearly".