Romantic Season Poll

What is the most romantic season and why?
I think it is winter. In the winter, there's a bunch of holidays where two can exchange gifts romantically, I think. Additionally, with how cold it is (for what I call winter), people tend to stay inside more I think; somehow I imagine with more people inside that lovers would enjoy each other's company more (rather than freezing outside they might cuddle up in front of a fire place inside or something) I think winter is the most romantic season. I'm embarrassed that this poll has my name on it
>>15278 *fireplace
Obviously winter.
twinarmageddonz thirty years after freddy fazbear's pizza closed
Fall is definitely the most romantic season. How do other low IQ seasons even compete? I L~O~V~E~ fall. The temperature is the best like I want to walk outside, and taking a walk with a loved one is the nicest thing you can do. If you're still in school, it gives you something to talk about with more casual special persons. After that, well, you can touch people without a sticky mess (right away) or freezing. Also, it rains! I love the rain! It goes in my mouth!
I'd say fall
spring is my personal favorite but I can't come up with a reason it's romantic
Loving these responses that actually pertain to the subject
Summer for me, actually
Nuclear Winter Nothing more romantic than skin melting radiation.
what is romance i liek spring its pretty
>>15335 Cute drawing! I wonder if I'll have to explain what I mean by it being cute The style... somehow is cute
>>15358 it might be the childish style. Thank you!
Unsure. Disputing between Autumn and Fall.
>>15461 autumn Because that is more commonly a girl's name: a person's name, which means there is half potential for romance seeing as there is already one noun And half>none as with fall Oh but fall could be fall-ing in love Hmmm I'll have to recalculate for this unexpected circumstance, maybe