Self portraits

make a self portrait and post it here. this is me lol
this is the only one i like out of all three
>>15300 I hope your hair is that fluffy in real life. That's magnificent
It's a me
>>15302 Nice bowtie! Do you actually wear stuff like that or did you just want to look nice in the portrait?
>>15301 depends on the humidity my hair kind of does whatever and i dont bother doing anything to it
>>15304 Ah cool, my brother's hair does that. I'm jealous!
>>15303 Yeah, I wear stuff like that. My bowtie is actually a red/blue design, though, but blue is definitely prominent
>>15306 I've only known one person who wore fancy clothes. That's so cool; I sometimes wished I cared enough about how I looked to dress up nice.
>>15307 Aww thanks. I'm glad you like it, whoever you are
i might look at least a little like this
>>15310 8.5/10 not enough plants
>15311 i drew it when random came to me with this so it doesn't have any of that tryhard bull***t but you're right sorry fixed
Give me and my drawing skills a break will ya?
>>15310 nice expression, lumage >>15323 lol everyone has long hair
wow everyone looks almost the same
Guess who~
Guess who~
>>15352 pft a self portrait with a mask. you also wear fancy clothes? >>15354 probably lacks