pokemon red hack

a thread for my pokemon red hack i quess Significant Changes: - Pokemon names and dex entries are changed to SBS members - Player starts with the bicycle - Basically all overworld text is rewritten - Slightly dumber main storyline - Uses the nice sprites from Yellow with some sprite edits - Boss trainers have rubberbanded levels - Pokemon from both games available Maybe Hopefully Bugfixes: - Fix Focus Energy - Fix some screen tearing issues? - Prevent countering criticals and OHKOs? - Ghost is super effective against Psychic types - Struggle not normal type Stuff I want to do: - Add a few extra locations - Better enemy AI - Enforce a rule that trainer battles are decided by knocking out the same number of Pokemon - Maybe some music hacking would be nice - Finish stuff. an update summary I found dated 25 Feb 2017: - Fix PIXELVXL moveset so that it isn't good (so technically yours is a cheater now) - Changed some overlooked text in PEWTER CITY (though I forgot about the museum again sob) - Trade-evolution mons now evolve with moonstone - Text replacement through Cerulean/CJ's Fetish-maniac house - Boss battles are now more difficult - - enemy party levels change based on your levels - Changed "Freeze" effect texts to add the freezer meme. -Some move name changes - A few Pokemon names have been newly replaced and another wonderful progress update dated 12 Feb. 2017: - through pewter + auxiliary stuff
Dang you've worked hard on this
lol remember when I was going to work on this
>quess neat
Wwho are you Mmarry me!
haha yeah thats me ha
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