ask miwa questions

or witness them pretending you did!
hi miwa big fan are you cute
>>15452 forced awwh Why, yes I am
If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?
>>15456 and why? (Forgot to include it the first time)
>>15456 Paris because I imagine it looking very lovely at night and it would satisfy me, with my apparent obsession with love, to be able to truthfully say I'd have visited the "city of love" Also in France, kissing is a greeting or something so I get a chance to be kissed by cute French girls maybe Jk maybe lol
>>15458 Thanks for telling me where to take you in 2 years :]
>>15459 -w-
>>15464 what are you.
anything mysterious and purple
>>15466 purple is hot good
do you cut?
>>15486 If you mean intentionally slice myself with a knife regularly, no But, I've thought of it
on a scale from 1 to 50 how gay are you
I'll marry any trap as long as i don't know maybe
waaait pleaase I thought of a better response 'please keep you and your s-scales away from me'
hiss and slither
I meant weight scales silly