just like I know you'll stand by me

is this my trip
>>10201 oh god it is
what is this
>I like the one where this Earth is actually a hell... er... kind of >there are parallel universes and you move up/down depending on living a good/bad life >and this one is actually one of the lower ones >I made this one up myself lol >>the lateral universes. what are they like? >I'm not entirely sure. I think they all started off more or less the same but with slightly more/less defects/tendency for people to cooperate >So close levels are pretty similar as far as cities and such developing >but higher has less strife and problems >and lower has more corruption and death >and then WAY higher is less and less similar >and the very bottom is just a hellish warzone of short and brutish lives >which, of course, makes it all the harder to move up >>the bottom could be fun with the right attitude >You can use whatever arbitrary definitions of good/bad morality you want for this system to work I guess >how does one ascend or descend? death? >and birth >after death was the idea >and then one is born on their next tier >I suppose for this world, you'd stay in place by mindlessly working your entire life >>some people ever get tier locked? >>can't quite ascend, can't quite decend? >>there's a dnd campaign world here.... >>So it's your invention, L? How many 'tiers' are there? >I didn't think about a specific number. It probably takes at least 7 to be interesting, but less than 20 or so.