Book Club Thread

hopeful edition Post lists of books you've read/want to read and talk about what you're reading here.
I'm not actually reading anything right now but I have Anathem; Gödel, Escher, Bach; and Prince of Thorns on my list of stuff to get to. Mostly I've just been poring over didactic texts recently. Also Dune but I'm waiting for random, I think.
Kama Sutra. Love it.
Little women, watership down, to kill a mocking bird, and the Percy Jackson series are some of my favorites.
The Malazan series by Stephen Erickson I believe. I originally picked up this series in the middle on accident. Got lucky and picked the one book that reads like a standalone for the most part. I'm just getting back into it, though, so not much to say other than "bridge burners for life."
I love a series of unfortunate events and warrior cats
I use to love this book when I was younger (8 years old I think) called "The chocolate touch", it was basically the king Midas story, but instead of this highschooler turning thing to gold, anything that his lips touched turned to chocolate. The book was sub par, but I for some weird reason loved it, and had read it 12 times, 12, this was a chapter book mind you.
The Holy Bibizzle.
Hello. I'd like a book about time travel, please.
Nario and kuigi partners in timd
I really enjoyed Neal Stephenson's Cryptonomicon