The huge, buggy, night terror

(I literally had to write this whole thing twice >.
I'm sitting back in your desk chair, watching youtube videos, when out of nowhere, a huge, ugly, cockroach runs right across my keyboard as if to mock me! I get up from my chair in a traumatized state, petrified from pure fear, I immediately turn on the light and my fear becomes greater, I stand there, staring at a huge roach, trying to process my terror and my shock at the same time, my survival instincts kick in, I look around frantically for something flat to crush it's fat body with, I grab a book from the shelf "Where the red fern grows" like anyone would care if that book got cockroach guts on it. I lift my arms above my head, book in hand, and come crashing down upon the desk, as if the enemy knew my intentions from the get-go, he retreats back to where he came from, a huge pile of junk on my brother's side of the desk, that I happened to ask him to clean up on more then one occasion, but I was too scared to be angry at that right now, I waited patiently, I had only one shot at smashing the little fucker, I coxed him out with words of hate, and he saw an opening; and he took it. The cockroach ran from it's hiding place as a desperate escape attempt, but I was too quick, I used what little energy I had left, despite being tired, despite being lazy, I was able to take one last swing, one last swing, because I knew, I knew that I wasn't ready yet, this wouldn't be how I go, I don't want to die like this, NO. I WON'T die!! I came crashing down, knocking over my lamp, clock, and various other important items, as I hit dead on target. I was scared to peek under the book, for fear of it somehow living, but to my horror, there it was, under the book. Nothing. I freaked out, searching everywhere through my brother's shit all over the floor, I checked all over my desk for it, all the while contemplating to myself "I swear I hit it! How did I not hit it? Where the hell is it?!" I had to find it, I just had to, because there is nothing worse then knowing that somewhere, in that very room, that cockroach is still scuttling around, who knows? Maybe it returns to my desk to give me another heart attack, or worse, maybe my bed, as I'm sleeping, crawling into my ear and whispering lies and- OH GOD!! I have to find it...I have to...Find it... I never found it. And that's what makes this whole thing scary, is that it's still somewhere, in my room, waiting for the next opportune moment to strike.
Awwh you're more overdramatic than i am maybe
>sits at home watching videos >cockroach appears >kills cockroach >doesnt actually kill cockroach this is content now
how can other seasons even compete
It happened again, no joke, 2 nights in a row a cockroach has ran across my keyboard, this time I killed it, with the only book I had next to me...The bible. Comical isn't it?
this was a real story? wtf
Surprisingly, this is 100% true, I make it sound overdramatic, (So that it's funny) but this actually happened. 2 nights in a row. (It was my brother's bible that he didn't put away btw)
And then TiP proceeds to clean his house, of which is happily bug-free. I still have a carcas of something in a box on the fridge. That thing is about to turn two years old, and I'll never clean its area.