Where's GGG?

So here's the deal: I'm going to be in CA for about a month until the place I'm moving to is ready, so I probably won't be on, or just on very little, and then I'll be in a rental house that may or may not have internet access. (I live in a very weird place for internet) I'm sure it'll be just fine, and I'll have internet, but there is still a chance that I might not and have to go somewhere every week to do things online. (Like a library) So if anyone is wondering "Where's that annoying prick who misspells ciao every time he leaves chat?" then now you have an answer. Again, everything will probably work out just fine, but just in case I'm leaving this little message. (I will be gone for a month though that is definitely confirmed.) You can still contact me via discord (GoodGameGod#9073) or something. So yeah, cya later.
I'll miss you
Please dont leave permanently
>>16724 you made a spelling mistake in dont, the word is only two letters
>>16732 that is not nice! >:(
Last I checked, "never" has five letters. Pick up a dictionary, hippie.