Character flaws

Tell me if you'd like to see the big character flaw that makes you a real person and not a robot. I'll start with what I see in myself: Chemicalex: Hates feeling not needed. Holds on to responibility or power for as long as possible just to feel like their presence is necessary.
I want to hear mine, please. But, I don't want to hear it from heavyPlastic right now. >n
Tell me mine even though I don't need to hear it to know. I want to know if you know.
Mia: often speaks in hard-to-read dialect. Hides their true personality behind a veil. Lumage: Has unmeetably high standards. Can put down self or others if they are any less than the best.
Thank you.
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SpiderLily: Somewhat jealous of others in your creative fields. Comes across as very rude at times.
I'm actually not doing this stupid thing anymore because I feel like I've insulted someone already
Aww. (Probably best tho)