sbs mbti tumblr meme

- ISTP :: Randomouscrap + thinks they're a sociopath + super cool and logical but gets flustered if shown genuine kindness + probably lives in a tree - ISTJ :: SpiderLily + won't go with you on a hike + wishes they didn't have to sleep so they could play games all the time + hates everyone for being too damn confusing - ISFP :: Lacks + actually greets you every time + total fanboy + too normal to be cool - ISFJ :: Pixel-Voxel + worries about you + secretly wants to be noticed but hates attention + has a framed screenshot of the time they misspelled a word as a reminder to do better - INTP :: 12Me21 + plays games in class but still gets good grades + has 9473456 calculators + doesn't know why you bother sleeping - INTJ :: Lumage + thinks plants are better than people + low-key wants to take over the world + probably hates you but will help anyway