Touhou 15.5

東方憑依華 ~ Antimony of Common Flowers 憑依華 = "Flower Possession" POSSESSION = HAUNTING Antimony = Lustrous Metalloid Produced by CHINA through high temperature MINERAL ISOLATION Common Flowers = FLOWERS alt. Flowers are known by their COMMON NAMES (e.g. sunflower for the botanical helianthus) "The strongest duo have joined forces." STRONGEST DUO = two notables "Something bad may be in store for us humans." = HUMAN FEAR "An opponent impossible to defeat by anybody alone?" = two opponents to STRONGEST DUO "「最強の二人は自分達の事だ」と誤解した者達の..." "Those who have made the mistake of seeing themselves as the strongest duo..." = Villain HUBRIS Flowers of Possession Flower Ghost Antimony of []Flowers Shine Flower Flower = YUUKA KAZAMI Ghost = MIMA Yuuka is FEARED BY HUMANS Yuuka was considered the STRONGEST YOUKAI Mima is "EXTREMELY STRONG" Mima is OVERCONFIDENT Yuuka and Mima have MET BEFORE but were fighting for PERSONAL REASONS Yuuka/Mima return tag-team confirmed
(from /jp/ yuuka thread) >New project? Hayai! >There's the new character Mima theory, but simply put Yuuka might come. (I think that's it) >Eeeh Yuuka will definitely come soon, right?
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