I really want to stick my thick cock up your ass with a little bit of lube. In and out.
dude sammeee
unwilling arousal
Fine, but make it quick. I have a blow job in a couple hours that I need to attend.
Okay, when do you want to do it? I have a couple buddies. Would you be okay with having like 4 thick, long, dicks in your ass at once?
Do you guys think randomous uses lube when he rapes Lumage?
doubt it
are there any tapes of the two? pls share
So, Lumage seems to think it is me posting on this thread. Its not. So, I am requesting that Lumage stops making baseless claims, since it just makes him look stupid. Its also insulting for me, since he automatically assumes it was me. Like I said, the claims are baseless. If you find proof, post it here.
>>#19077 you just posted nerd