Making retro-looking geims on a few steps...

Here you will learn how to make good-looking retro games. Notice that all the retro-games you're going to make will be only available for fancy PCs with 8GB of RAM, 4GB of video memory, 8GHz of processing power quad core with 2 screens of real 4K resolution touchscreen each one. 1.- Choose a random year between 70s and 2000s to emulate their retro look. Always pick the 80s. 2.- Use a 36bit color pallete with Alpha channel for your sprites. Colors are important to make high-quality sprites, so better tools means better results. If you can't use 36bit colors because is too archaic, use 48bit. 3.- Sprites have to look as flat and square as possible, so they can convey actual retro-look. If it looks too round (his edges aren't that visible), THEN YOU FAILED. Remember that back on the day, every sprite was just a flat square on screen, so don't worry if your sprite looks too flat, that's the point. 4.- Use any kind of functions that consumes at least 512MB of RAM and 1GB of HDD space. Computers are fast nowadays, so don't worry if you ended up using a lot of functions. 5.- Use sounds with a frequency of at least 44000Hz, stereo 3D with OGG Vorbis format, that only reproduces two(2) digital signals (one signal at 1, the other one at 0). People back on the day didn't know how to use sounds properly, and that's what we are doing here. 6.- The final project must consume at least 60GB of HDD memory (if consumes the same quantity on RAM, is a plus). It must be published on virtual store with no trailers and screenshots. Only the logo of the game. And voilá! You just make trash.
Your recommendation for an 8GHz quad core should probably be upgraded, my retro platformer is stuttering to the point where it's unplayable. Switching to a 12GHz octa-core fixed this problem.
Nice workaround. Sad thing I can't edit the original post. Other detail could be that most functions nowadays uses MORE than 512MB of RAM, so it doesn't make any sense showing that.
What you really need to do is download more RAM