When your wings fly freely

You truly weave in the sky.
For some reason, when YOU mock me, I can't stand it.
"You can hurt me" "Why do you insist on doing things like this" Broken. Broken. Broken. I guess it's always like this. They're "misunderstood," right? Better if they didn't exist. Not to interfere with other lives.
Ha... ha... I don't need to explain myself. No one ever gave me the chance. No one ever gave me the courtesy. Ha... ha...
Is that what this is? Can you even consider yourself "right" any more? You know what you felt. It's not okay. Emotions.
Apologies are meaningless. Of course it would be. Someone like you thinks this is their "only chance."
I don't care about your friend. Not in the way your abusiveness... jealousy... humanity... whatever it is characterizes it as. Do I care about that person? I guess. They're like a daughter. I don't think you'd understand that.
Who... are you two? >n
Who... are you two? 》n《 I don't think I like what's going on here!*
It is one person.
It is one person. I is two people You is two people They is two people First and second person, interchangeable.
So confused