Shelly[00:17]o: Please prove that I'm lying.

10/23/17 PetNet[23:39]o: So, this is really off topic, but I hope it will amuse some of you. Today I got of the school bus and my friend walked up to me. Apparently, there was a boy (who I don't know the name of) who is TINY. Anyways, this boy was getting insulted by another kid, who was much bigger, and rather than being intimidated do you know what he did? He punched the kid RIGHT in the jaw. The big kid's jaw was gushing blood and apparently the bigger kid (and his friends) are going to BEAT the small kid tomorrow. 10/24/17 PetNet[03:10]g: I've talked to actual programmers, with college degrees 02/14/18 Trinitro21[02:13]o: i'm 18 now Shelly[02:14]o: lol, when I was 18 none of you were even born! October 23: Randy claims to go to school October 24: Randy appeals to "actual programmers, with college degrees," suggesting that he is/has neither of these things February 14: Randy claims to be at least 36 years old 12/28/17 PetNet[05:29]g: If I have a program which needs to sample data, and upload data to a server, how would I do it? What programming language? C? C++? 02/16/18 Shelly[02:01]o: I used to be AMAZING at 6502 assembler. Shelly[02:01]o: That ended along with the 6502 usage! December 28: Randy claims to not be sure what C and C++ even are February 16: Randy claims to have been amazing at a classic assembly set in the past (and to be over 43 years old)
Well, at least you have solid proof, but honestly, I doubt that you nor I were the only ones who didn't already think Shelly wasn't 36 years old.
He just ages faster than the rest of us.
>#20331 Perhaps he's trans-age?
seven times faster.
There are posts from two different users here (PetNet and Shelly), so how does this prove anything?
>>21155 lol 12/31/17 PetNet[23:05]o: Can I get my name changed? PetNet[23:07]o: I want it to be "Shelly"
That evidence is clearly FAKE your honour!