Ask Pesticide (GGG) questions

Hey, everyone else was doing it. (Some odd months ago)
Are you so good at games that you would consider yourself a god? Is my question so annoying that I feel like a poison you wish to exterminate with pesticide?
GoodGameGod actually came from what I wanted to name my game-making business as a kid, though obviously as I got older I realized that was kind of a dumb name. Also no, I'm not that great at video games. Nope. But it was annoying that you made a pun incorporating my username, you need to CELLO out. (Get it? Cello = mellow?)
Lol Mellow is one of few words I've decided rhyme with cello
When are you going to finally propose to tip
What kind of conditioner do you use?
#20884 Uh, excuse me? He is going to be the one purposing to ME. #20920 Alba botanica Hawaiian conditioner (mango) it works pretty well, it's not my first choice but it's what I commonly use.
Do you want a Sprite Cranberry?