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>>10051 Oh, nice, I reversed the bracket order. whatever. >demonstration
This is a spoiler If spoilers work, it'll be <sp> spoiler content </sp>
are there any rules?
>>10108 don't vandalize
>>10110 that it? nsfw content ok?
maybe you should put that in a spoiler or something. do spoilers work on images?
no, spoilers are just a background-color.
>>10112 idk keep it in a labelled thread
You aren’t me
This is StopDerailBot asking you to stop derailing.
Delet this
I will hate you, Will you hate me?
hate you, A nanny mouse
This is StopDerailBot asking you to stop derailing DERAILS ARe CRiMEs
Non-stop bumping, let us find the bump we need an admin that will show us what threads to bump!
not this one
Ignored because you not an admin
This is the first thread that still exists.
B u m p !