Roast me

woah nice shirt
that's me btw
woah not-nice shirt
oh and btw i did not request to be roasted i thought that meant compliment, maybe a roast is hot and calling someone hot is a compliment ... one i bet someone lacking intelligence might call me
just so i don't look stupid to anyone confused (not that I'm not stupid for other reasons), Lacks posted this because they were in a tantrum
i love how the link has eep in it lol
>>20624 oh, that makes more sense than you posting this ********* thing and not very nice of lacks i see you still enjoy the attention though.
>>20646 tbh i think they were lacking reason to do it; I'm STILL confused what they got their panties in a bunch about but i had some fun... "playing with them" for what they did, so I'm not too bothered plus YES i love attention
the arrangement and size of your facial features kinda makes me uneasy but overall you're... not bad i guess
>>20759 ew the brows are above the eyes
cries ... whose brows arent above their eyes??
>>20785 Ew has brows
lacks has brows toooo