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ask lumage anonymous questions ww
hey can you help me i tried to play wav files converted into dat and it wont play
>>11044 No.
if you knew who i was you would regret saying that
okay what the hell is this?
>>11046 >>11047 I'm going to ban you, Blackwidow.
cans i get ice cream
>>11047 lol like I'd say that.
can i get some contacts to get that mansion i was promised
did you bring your die move
where do i get hm20 in pokmon 2
Why plants?
>>11052 I don't have any. Sorry. I'm sure you can, though. >>11054 You'll have to talk to randomouscrap. But it's mine. >>11055 >>11056 Yes, Cianwood City >>11057 I'm sorry. >>11065 Well, I've never had a problem with plants. I've always thought it would be interesting to use plants or interface them with technology. There are some really interesting studies about using certain plants to detect the presence of gunpowder. When I was introduced to Yuuka, that was just... her thing. It's not even a special power, she just likes plants and to varying degrees has control over them. I like the Yuuka character, so I started to like plants more and more.
am i loved
>>11084 Probably.
Why are you always sorry? You Canadian, or somethin'?
>>11131 No, just don't consider unreasonably offending people a hobby.
>>11133 whoops that's me
Marry me?
>>13035 What's so great about marry me?
i love you. marry me.
>>13069 Obtain me some nice flowers and I'll consider it.
in the name of love
Dear lumage, how much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?
>>13074 Even if a woodchuck could chuck wood and even if a woodchuck would chuck wood, should a woodchuck chuck wood?
best xkcd
>>13177 My-my favorite XKCD strip? Well... I like ummm this is a bad question. How about this one. Yeah. That'll do.
press enter lumage
*chat questions* From*%5BLl%5Dumage.*%3F >Btw, I never asked this, but is Lumage Spanish? No, but I took a few years in high school. >Lumage what do you nightmare of? Murders. I'm not sure if that's a nightmare. My worst dreams are when I'm sick and something just keeps talking. It's XML. >hey lumage can you help me with something? >also lumage you like my avatar? >Feel like an ass, Lumage? I hope you do >Is Lumage gone? No. >Lumage, what's your least hated candy? I like black jellybeans, it seems. >Lumage, do you believe in eating sunflower seeds? Yes.
>>13876 continued from >Omg is lumage ignoring me? That means I can spam with no concequences! I don't think that's how it works. >Lumage, are you a hard core fan of anything? I feel like I'm supposed to make a flash animation to answer this one. >Is lumage a girl? yyyyes. And by yes I mean no. But sometimes I think that would be preferred. >Is lumage a synonym for dying, or just death? Dying. Definitely dying. Er, maybe it's both. >Where's Lumage's Sanity Text Vault again? >When are you awake Lumage? ahahaha ahaha 5:30 AM to 8:30 PM PST >Lumage, did you see all my plants? Did you? Aren't they nice? Nani... it's just Minecraft... >Lumage do you even play Touhou? Not really lol. I played Phantasmagoria of Flower View, as well as the Double Dealing Character and Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom demos. But that's really it. >Lumage, why are you so "protective"? I'm. I believe it to be a human trait. I value people more than objects, so it makes sense that that's where I would be selfish, perhaps... >Wow Lumage are you in California? I wish. >Lumage did you kill my soul mate? POSSIBLY. >lumage, do you think any operating systems are good? I have a soft spot for Gentoo Linux. Otherwise it's unlikely ww >Lumage has a Steam account? Nnnno. And by no I mean yes but I don't play video games and you can't have it. >Are you sick Lumage? I see a lot of shivers lol I'm a sick man. >Lumage do you know where I can find the SBS site rules? We don't have rules. Just guidelines. Those aren't written down either. >Lumage am I making you mad? I rarely actually get upset. I like to pretend to for effect, though.
>Tgaming: Lumage why are you so mean? It's... It's more like I have very little tolerance for incompetence. And my bar for competence is always two steps ahead of even myself. While that may help explain how I think about things... it's no help to the people it hurts. Even for Pixel, I'm afraid that at the wrong time there would be little realignment of perspective.
What do you do outside of SmileBASIC Source?
>>13964 Attempt to absorb knowledge without practice. Hm... Yeah it's mostly that and lewd thoughts. No that latter part is SBS, so never mind. I like to take long walks, right? Yeah. That must be it. I'm not good at thinking about these things.
>>14367 forgot to sign
Lumage would like to inform that all further identity-secure posts will be under the tripcode *rOSeZS+SNg*
Lumage, can you rap like ruppy-rap-doodie?
>>18579 Lumage can't rap he's had enough of your crap If you like your head You better get out of his thread Come on now! youkai, youkai I don't even know why learn how not to yell or Lumage might just have to see you in hell! If only, if only If only I had a brain I could do a lot of things; keep out of the rain But my head keeps on rollin' all I have left is this sweater, it's woolen
Sick raps bro, almost as good as the wraps i'm eating from taco bell. They too, are sick bro. No literally, I'm gonna throw up.
i swares it's not mi^