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What is the point of your story though Is it the love? if you play it off casually and make sure it's pretty apparently that the "birthday wish" isn't actually what makes her sentient or whatever, it can work. Because you're not writing hard sci-fi Think of Iron Man (the movie): you don't have to explain HOW anything works or WHY, it just has to instinctively make sense. Only in hard sci-fi do you need some science Also, programming is inherently systematic and deterministic So you simply CAN'T make the argument for "ghosts in the machine" or whatever (if that's what you're going for) with our current model of computing ex machina (the movie) subverts this by using technology that doesn't exist yet and a bit of hand-waving. It does it well They don't imply that the AI (in the movie) is ever truly sentient. They lead us on that they might be, but in the end we realize that no, even with fancy future technology they're still just deterministic machines. "optimizing" doesn't make her sentient. If you get too much into the programming, it turns into hard science, and then you HAVE to be correct If I were you, I would make the AI not truly sentient. Just make her complex enough that she passes the turing test. Furthermore, you could explore the ideas around a programmable AI being a lover, since you can just tweak her personality to be exactly what you want. You're not going to convince readers with a true ai
People don't follow rules. I don't understand why you don't get this It's the internet. Rules are meaningless >Rules mean something if you're punished for it No, because then you just get asshole moderators who think their only purpose is to "uphold the law" There's a REASON the stereotype of "asshole moderators" is so prevalent I've said this already: "good" people don't need rules to act good, and "bad" people aren't going to follow the rules anyway come up with a rule that you think would help just one >No programs that break the SmileBOOM EULA It's not our job to moderate SmileBOOM's servers And how will that "make the website better" anyway? >How about no alts That's already a rule That, as you've seen, people don't follow. There are instances of people not following rules all around you, and yet you still cling to the idea that people will define "being kind" And what is being rude? Who determines what is rude and what isn't? What if rudeness to one user isn't rudeness to another? We can't force kindness out of people. Some people just can't help others Going back to my previous post, define rudeness? If I tell someone their game sucks, maybe it does suck? Maybe that's just my way of trying to help them make the game better? maybe people should get thicker skin and stop whining about complaints on the internet, the greatest source of complaining in the world? There are WAY too many ideologies even in a place like our tiny community to try to force just one on people Users who want rules aren't going to suffer from not having rules, but users who don't WILL suffer Profanity isn't inherently bad. It's only Christianity that finds profanity intolerable It's just words It's quite literally... words. They hold no power other than historical context It's hard, I get it. YOU would follow the rules, so why wouldn't everyone else? But stupid people don't even know there are rules or completely ignore/forget about them, and bad people look at the rules and don't care >Why do we want bad people? Because the world has good and bad people, and you can't create a perfect sanctuary. That turns good people bad
Who knows. I'm not going to argue one way or the other. One day we'll evolve beyond the need to alienate those who are different than us. It's an odd evolutionary trait that may not be useful anymore in a modern society.
Each generation thinks the next is worse. Don't repeat the pattern if you didn't appreciate it when it happened to you Maybe bikes aren't as important as they used to be. Maybe parents don't let their kids go anywhere on bikes anymore. Be careful about judging others And just FYI, in the 80's everyone was riding rollerblades/skates And skateboards Nothing wrong with that I would ride rollerblades too if I didn't have broken arches in my feet I used to have so much fun rollerblading Don't let other people determine the placement of your pride and disappointment This generation is no worse than the last And our parent's generation was no worse than their parent's That's not to say you can't be disappointed, but make sure you know precisely why and how valid your points are
Independence comes and goes In other cultures, such independence is actually frowned upon anyway. >I mean socially and financially It might not be their fault though. Maybe society has raised them (us) this way due to the burdens of the previous generation. Or maybe not It's too complex an issue to worry about "better or worse". Independence isn't "better" than depending on people.
I do not like the society we live in. I don't appreciate our values and I don't like what I'm forced to do. But I can't live in an ideal world so it's fine; I can live my own way within the world I was placed in. Capitalism is good in some aspects, and bad in others. It promotes excess and greed. It turns human beings into values and commodities rather than treating them as people. That's not to say it doesn't work. It obviously works; we're in it right now. But it costs us. Most people who become successful in a capitalist society feel empty inside, and constantly desire a sense of spirit
Do you fully understand the "side" you've chosen, and furthermore do you understand the other "side"? Do you understand the mostly objective pros and cons of capitalism? Communism doesn't work because all life is inherently greedy It's part of our survival instinct So communism just WON'T work until we're either ruled by machines or our basic human nature changes It doesn't matter what system we pick. We will always be controlled by someone. Someone with power. The system we pick just determines who has the power That's unfortunately how general human nature works People at the bottom are constantly trying to climb up, and people at the top are always trying to stay at the top (not necessarily pushing others down) It doesn't matter if it's capitalism or communism or something in between. Capitalism is nice because it puts the power in the hands of people with high abilities Communism in practice doesn't work that way But capitalism suffers the same problems that monarchies suffer. Someone has lots of abilities and they rise to the top, but then they become too big and aren't ALLOWED to fail, even when ownership changes to less-able hands. Because allowing large companies to fail causes economic instability and could completely topple the market That's why the banks were bailed out and that's why the automotive industry was bailed out It would've cost the government more money to let the banks fail. It would've made a much larger impact to let the largest US automotive provider fail. As good as you think capitalism is, it rules our entire lives. It is so deeply ingrained that even our emotional well being and psychology is tied to it. But for people like me who do not care about money or power or achievement or advancement or any of the other values of capitalism get shunted.