let's enact an AA case because why not

['s okay to make up characters] The court is now in session for the trial of Carl Rack.
The prosecutor is ready, your honor.
The defense is ready, your honor. ... (Wait, I'm not sure if I recognize this Payne here..... Is there a third sibling in the Payne family?)
Then, prosecution, please call your first witness to the stand.
batteries not included
Witness, please state your name and occupation for the court.
(Huh? What's happening here? Wasn't that just Payne a few moments ago? Am i seeing things?)
... ... Haha, look at the look on that guy's face!
Witness, please do not badger the defense. Name and occupation, please.
What? Jeez, fine. Mac-Al Gense, and currently unemployed, I guess.
Will the witness please testify about the night of the murder?
...By the way, who was the victim again? The files here don't seem to have any mention of a name. We're they unidentifiable?
That is correct. Now then, witness, please testify.
-- The Night of the Murder -- 1. There was this WEIRD noise I heard when I was going for a midnight snack. 2. I look out of the window, and I see this weirdo pointing a something at this chick. 3. I heard him say, "mate, if you tell about this, there will be HUGE CONSEQUENCES. So don't." 4. Then the chick started slowly walking away, and soon started running. 5. The weirdo then tossed the pocket knife at the chick. 6. There was a loud scream after that, and she fell to the ground. -- Testimony End --
So the victim had a knife thrown at them? How odd, this wasn't found at the crime scene, wasn't it?