puzzle stage 1

>>22591 correct. Last letters, all uppercase, will give tripcode wsNDDWjApk if correct.
No I was just asking why you posted this when we're supposed to be working on the contest
I'm still baffled as to how Y results from that. This place is terrifying. This puzzle looks fun.
2D: fibonacci i don't know the rest go on wikipedia or something
3D: Typha
5A: Higanbana
4D: Zingiber
ew i quit i wanted to solve this myself
but i think 2a is falcata anyway I'm just disappointed that the ones named are ones i found yesterday already, except 2a
also why are you using your older trip
Youuu... I think you deleted a post! I said that you had cheaty powers before and you said noo buuut I know you doooooooo You're above the others on kland!
7D: Rhizome
The first puzzle is braille. 78 45 12 (Arranged like on the number pad) The first 4 characters are ⠞⠑⠎⠞, which is "TEST"
So is anyone going to actually solve the crossword?
sonic got through act 2
mmm i can't stop coming back Once it is solved, I shall be at rest again!
1D: Elegans
>>23327 correct.
(6)(1)3(6)(8)(6)(8)(8)(1) + 14265-44-2 + (6)10(1)16(7)5(8)13(15)3 * -> (x) + (6)10(1)14(7)5(8)7(15) + 644102 (x) + (6)(8)2 -> (y) (y) + (6)21(1)29(7)7(8)17(15)3 * __ -> (z) z[1]
I wanted to solve it ... but It's weird After the first occurrence of (x), is That + intentional? I thought it was some weird math thing, but that plus being there isn't like the other two equations, so ... maybe it's not math it's probably not, right? wait what's the point? You're back!
if u don't solve all the puzzle in 2 daye, lamg die
The numbers in parentheses are atomic numbers
There's no actual math involved, just google "14265-44-2" and "" and "644102" or something
like 12 said, pretty sure it's chemistry
(C)(H)3(C)(O)(C)(O)(O)(H) + 14265-44-2 + (C)10(H)16(N)5(O)13(P)3 * -> (x) + (C)10(H)14(N)5(O)7(P) + 644102 (x) + (C)(O)2 -> (y) (y) + (C)21(H)29(N)7(O)17(P)3 * __ -> (z)
something to do with ATP and probably related to plants (of course)
oh I guess maybe partial answers count for points here so here's (x) (all lowercase)
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I made a thread kinda like this called PuzZLE.