Seemingly random sprite limit

Why exactly is there a limit of 256 sprites (I think that's what it is)? On the old computers it was due to the microprocessors only being 8-bit, so they could only handle 256 different sprites. However, the 3DS has a 32-bit CPU, so why are we limited to so little sprites? It's a pain in the butt to code games with so little sprites, since you have to keep redefining sprites. My request: In the next version of BASIC made by SmileBOOM, remove everything that isn't actually limited by hardware. It's cheesy that you only do it to make it feel like an old system.
The sprite limit is 512 (ID: 0-511).
SB is basically just an API for the 3DS's graphics chip. All of its graphics features are things that the 3DS can do easily and quickly. I bet the 3DS only supports 512 sprites, and honestly why do you need so many?
The sprites in SmileBASIC are just textured quads, so the 3DS GPU can probably support much more than 512.