Seemingly random bad joke

Why exactly is randomouscrap the owner of SBS? On PTC it was because he was the best person there, so that was their only choice. However, SBS has 12Me21, so why are we limited to such a terrible site owner? It's a pain in the butt when nothing ever gets fixed and the site is falling apart. My request: In the next version of the website for SBS, remove all the admins that aren't 12Me21. It's cheesy that you only keep them to make it feel like the PTC wikia
The real community moderator is Lumage (UID: 8)
I have a better idea, SBS doesn't need people who are old to the site to lead it, it needs people who are NEW to the site to lead it, yes yes, so here's my idea: we spin a wheel with every member that's joined less then a year ago and whichever one it lands on is crowned king of SB wooo no need to thank me but I do take donations at: http://Patron/morons/