I can't muster the courage to address one to you after your announced disappearance because I don't know how things are. I don't know whether its the implications of your mannerisms, the fact that glasses symbolize scholarship and intelligence or that you've mentioned something related, but I seem to have the idea that you like books. While reading today, not by free will of course, I was wondering... What's your favorite book?
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Did I ask before?? I thought maybe I did, but I forgot
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It does enjoy books. However, it hasn't kept itself very well-read recently. It did make a list of a few of its favorite books some time around its sophomore year of high school, which can be found at http://lumage.smilebasicsource.com/special/books.txt It also enjoyed Kitchen by Banana Yoshimoto, but that was required reading as well. Yes... it's only touched didactic literature recently, because its imagination tends to be more than enough entertainment. So... favorite book is hard to answer, as it hasn't kept up to date with reading enough that it can be sure. If I think of one, I'll get back to you.
https://pastebin.com/Vin6usv6 i was trying to make my text tiny for a tone but something happened and that didn't happen
I can totally talk about books I DIDN'T like though 1. The Giver. This is one of those required school literature things, but I usually end up being able to appreciate them. This one though... people think this is good? My biggest problem with it is that the big reveal about the "dystopian society" is really just that it's different from how we live. None of the stuff in there is especially *bad*, but the author seemed to take it too seriously. My memory is a little fuzzy, so pardon me if I get some of the facts wrong, but the super terrible thing was supposed to be that emotions were bad and they were trying to hide what the world used to be like from their citizens... except that also those memories the protagonist got would be totally useless to the people at the stage they're in. Maybe it's bad to take those experiences away at first, but what good does giving them back do? The society, besides being sheltered, wasn't particularly bad for anyone and it didn't have any major problems. There was the military plane or whatever but that doesn't really tell you anything besides that there's SOMETHING outside that they don't know about. It's not necessarily meaningful, though. Okay, I remember now. The super horrific part was that they killed off anyone that deviated slightly from the rules, right? ...somehow, I'm still not entirely convinced that this is that much worse than our society. I read it more or less as "pre-teen ruins everything for no good reason" 2. The Great Gatsby. I know what this book was trying to do, so don't get after me for missing the point, but oh my GOODNESS was it annoying to read. I don't CARE about all these rich assholes doing stupid stuff with each other's wives. It might have been more compelling if I were in Vietnam but it was just boring to me. 3. The Lord of the Rings. Supposedly it's meant to be about world-building more than the story itself here, but that means the whole thing was a bunch of walking and pages of description about how big the forest was. I couldn't get into it and gave up. 4. Catch-22. I think maybe I tried to read it too young and just didn't get it, maybe... 5. Leviathan. While the Social Contract is an important theory, and the text holds historical importance, I just couldn't stand Hobbes' style enough to keep reading until his arguments started to come together. The theology (which may have been important to preface with at the time) was annoying and not argued convincingly in my opinion. I dropped it after the first chapter or so. It's better summarized (as it often is where appropriate). The best thing about it is that since tried so hard to be quotable (a bad thing, as it diminishes everything else), we get some good quotes out of it ("nasty, brutish, and short" should sound familiar).
oh man I also read H.I.V.E. when I was younger and I thought that was pretty cool lol